Add AMCO monitoring to your existing alarm

 If you’ve got an existing alarm system, you can easily add AMCO's ‘immediate audio-response’ monitoring service to add additional security to your property.

The good news is that our specialist monitoring systems aren't expensive, with a one-off installation fee of £234 (inc VAT) to install our 'speaker microphone unit' and monthly monitoring costs of £16.79 - which are a fraction of our competitors' costs giving you superior security.

AMCO's monitoring technology works with most existing alarm systems.  To check your system is compatible, give us a call 0800 13 03 999 or email a photo of your alarm system keypad to

Proven to scare burglars away

The idea of our monitored alarm systems is that we immediately scare away burglars by talking to them via a speaker microphone unit and call in the emergency services if necessary.

The following video shows one of our monitored burglar alarms in action - demonstrated by a customer in Brixton, South London.


We listen, speak, challenge - and alert the emergency services

Burglar breaking in

AMCO listens via microphone

Intruder breaks in and activates AMCO interactive alarm monitoring allowing AMCO to listen into property immediately.

20 seconds after alarm activation.

Burglar is challenged

AMCO challenges via speaker

Intruder is startled by AMCO staff verbally challenging via a speaker in the property.

5 seconds later.

Burglar leaves empty handed

AMCO alerts emergency services

AMCO alerts police. Intruder runs away quickly (empty handed).

10 seconds later.


The best security on the market, at a fraction of the cost

AMCO are leading speclalists in alarm monitoring - hence the name AMCO, which is short for The Alarm Monitoring Company.  Because we're family-owned, we can provide top security at low prices - giving you peace of mind at low prices.

In particular we pride ourselves on our low monthly alarm monitoring costs. Where as our competitors charge £40+ month, we only charge £16.79 (inc VAT) a month - and this is for the best type of ‘immediate audio-response’ monitoring.

With AMCO monitoring you not only get real security, you can also save £100’s

Our Monitoring Charges are £16.79 per month (inc VAT)

& include Burglary, Fire, Personal attack, Medical emergency and Electricity monitoring at no extra charge 


3 reasons to choose AMCO's special monitoring 

  • 1. Better monitoring

    Our special "immediate audio response" monitoring gives you superior protection than standard "call-back" monitoring.
  • 2. No long contracts

    To keep things simple for you, we don't insist on long monitoring contracts. Our minimum contract length is 1 year NOT 3 years.
  • 3. Low-cost monitoring

    Our charges are up to 1/2 our competitors, saving you £££'s over the years + we have never increased charges to existing customers for 18 years

 How we've saved lives over the years

We're proud to say that we've saved numerous lives and stopped 1000's of burglaries over the 20+ years AMCO has been in business.  Read all our customer reviews on the DooYoo review website, or TrustPilot.

It's important to remember that AMCO's monitoring is not only designed to stop burglaries, but to help in a number of different emergency situations including fire, personal attack and medical.

Watch a video of how AMCO's monitoring service saved a man's life in Preston (Lancashire), alerting the police and fire services when an electric heater caught fire.


Interested? Fill in our compatibility checker

If you're interested in adding AMCO "immediate audio response" monitoring to your alarm, then fill we need to check whether your existing alarm system is compatible with our monitoring technology, and we'll get back to you with the results soon!