Comparison of Alarm Systems

The following is a comparison of standard alarm systems against monitored alarm systems, like AMCO Security's specialist 'immediate audio response' system.When choosing a home alarm system (or an alarm system for your business) you need to consider a number of different factors - understanding exactly what you're getting from your alarm system, especially when it comes to the different types of alarm monitoring service on offer.


The following table gives a comparison of different alarm systems:

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Response System
“Call back” Monitoring
£99 Basic Wireless System Auto Dialler Alarm
Owned/Rented Owned Either Rented Either
Control Panel yes yes  tick tick
Secure Mains Connection tick tick no Varies
Back-up Battery Size Large 7AH Large 7AH Small 1.2AH Varies
Code-entry Keypad yes yes Varies Varies
Internal Sounder yes yes yes yes
Immediate response via 2 way communication yes no no no
Break-in Confirmation/Burglary deterred immediately yes no no no
Informed Key Holder & Police Key Holder & Police Key Holder only Key Holder only
Speak to a real person or just automated message Real Person Varies Automated Message Automated Message
Immediate Audio Response yes no no no
Real Crime Confirmation yes

Police called immediately

Intruder sounds are heard

Police only called if two detectors activated

Only Key Holders called

No alarm confirmation*

Only Key Holders called

No alarm confirmation*
False Alarm Rate 3.4% 89-92%** 98.8%*** 98.8%***
External “Silent” Bell Box yes yes yes yes
Emergency button for Police, Fire, Ambulance yes yes
Required telephone call back
no no
Immediate precautionary assistance available yes no no no
Notes: * Where Key Holders only are called this can leave the Key Holder with acute worry during the time it takes to visit their property – this could range from minutes to days leaving the property vulnerable throughout this period.
** figures provided by the Metropolitan Police and the Association of Chief Police Officers Ltd *** figures provided by Daily Express research
**** We do not recommend remote Fobs or Proximity Tags to be carried or used externally as they are easily lost or stolen leaving the property vulnerable. Furthermore they place the person carrying them at risk of mugging in the event that a criminal decides to target a property. (Around 70% of burglars are reported to pre-target properties)


Costs and contracts vary by alarm company – we recommend getting a detailed quote ensuring that ALL costs are included, then use the AMCO price comparison calculator to compare costs and visit independent product review sites to evaluate product claims.


Different types of home alarm monitoring


There are several different types of alarm monitoring system you can choose from.  AMCO in particular specialise in a unique system called 'immediate audio response' meaning that when the alarm is activated we can immediately listen in and talk into your property.  Watch the following video to get an understanding of how the system works:



Home alarm systems & business alarm systems

AMCO's alarm monitoring is perfect for both home alarm systems and businesses alike.  When it comes to business security our alarm monitoring services are particularly effective for lone-worker environments, like people working in shops or bars.


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