You’re never alone with an AMCO system

The AMCO immediate response 2 way loudspeaker system provides

Safe single manning & lone worker situations

We provide Emergency Response Devices most suited to your situation –
for use in any emergency – personal attack, fire, accident, & medical
or even if you are worried that an emergency might happen


Immediate help is on hand if you are attacked Immediate help is called for if you have an accident We’ll call an ambulance if you have a heart attack


All our alarm systems are fitted with an emergency “panic” system like the ones shown above. Normally “panic buttons” are in fixed positions. However, for persons in vulnerable situations such as lone workers, single people or people with medical problems the “panic button” can be carried on their person.

speaker/microphone unit

How the Emergency procedure works

As soon as we receive the “panic” signal we listen in through a speaker/microphone. If there are no sounds of armed attack we will immediately say “Emergency which service do you require?” The person requesting assistance can then tell us what is required. Our controller will then call the appropriate emergency service – Police, Ambulance or Fire Service or in a non emergency, but threatening situation, we will carry on monitoring the situation if that is what is requested by a special codeword.
If there are sounds of armed attack the controller will immediately call the Police.

Speaker/Microphone Unit

Watch the following video – it may save a life?

– Personal Attack

If you are in a situation that ever requires the police as soon as possible, whether it is an abusive customer or an intruder forcing his way into your home, you can use the emergency response button to request the police or use a duress word to not aggravate the unwanted person. We will contact the police immediately and if the situation requires it, we will pretend that the correct password is given to prevent putting you in further danger.

– Fire Emergency

If you discover a fire or any situation that requires the response of the fire brigade, you can use the emergency response button to request the fire brigade. We will then immediately contact the fire brigade for you.

– Medical Emergency

Perfect for anyone with any medical conditions or suffers a trip or fall and requires quick ambulance response or even just to contact a key holder to attend the property as soon as possible.

– Precaution

You might find yourself in a situation where you require assistance from our monitoring centre but no emergency has arisen, which could be under aged people in your store or an unwanted person loitering outside your house. Using the precaution option lets us to continue to listen in so if the situation escalates, we are already connected to you nd can respond even quicker to the emergency.

Using the precaution option has also been very successful in frightening away any potenial unwanted persons preventing any emergency from arising.

The video above shows how simple and effective the system is

In addition AMCO offers 3 things that others don't!

  • Better monitoring =

    Better Security

    Our special "immediate audio response" monitoring gives you superior protection than standard "call-back" monitoring.
  • No long contracts =

    Peace of mind

    To keep things simple for you, we don't insist on long monitoring contracts. Our minimum contract length is 1 year NOT 3 years.
  • Low-cost monitoring =

    Affordable high security

    Our charges are up to 1/2 our competitors, saving you £££'s over the years + we have never increased charges to existing customers for 18 years


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