Alarms and CCTV for business and public sector

AMCO specialises in ‘monitored security’ meaning that your business and staff can be monitored 24/7, helping protect your property when you’re not there and your staff when you are there.


50% of AMCO’s business is providing commercial-grade security to businesses across the UK, working with high-street shops, offices and warehouses, installing a mix of alarms, CCTV and single-manning / personal attack systems



The Alarm Monitoring Company has great experience providing bespoke burglar alarm and CCTV systems to businesses both big and small.

Our list of business and public sector security clients is impressive, and includes providing burglar alarms and CCTV to Britain’s leading modern artist’s studios with art worth tens of millions, vulnerable cash intensive high-street shop chains, plus public and state schools.  We protect thousands of sites countrywide.

Single-manning / personal attack systems for shops

All the alarm systems we install in shops generally have panic buttons installed, giving 24/7 immediate response in the case of an emergency.  This is especially useful in single manning and lone worker scenarios.  To get a demonstration of how our panic button immediate response systems work, check out the video below:


Office security systems

AMCO installs an increasing number of office security systems, largely due to the large of amount of expensive computer equipment like laptops that can be easily stolen.


AMCO tends to install a mix of both CCTV systems as well as monitored alarm systems in offices.  Watch the following video of a demonstration of a monitored office alarm system from one of our customers in Soho, Central London.

The key components to an office security system is a mix of:

> CCTV: our CCTV systems are usually monitored, meaning that there's someone on hand to check everything is OK in your office.  You can also remotely log-in, and check activity in your office.

> Monitored alarms: all AMCO's alarms include 'immediate audio response' monitoring, meaning our monitoring team can immediately listen in and challenge via an integrated speaker / microphone unit.

> Personal attack buttons: panic-buttons are particularly useful in environments where there is a 'lone-worker' situation 


DualCAud GSM alarm monitoring back-up

If you’re looking for a maximum security with immediate deterrence, we’d recommend our integrated security systems that combine our duplex landline & DualCAud* monitored alarm systems with high profile monitored CCTV.  This provides triplex 24/7 audio and visual protection and immediate response to unauthorised intrusion.

DualCAud is a GSM audio monitoring backup system that not only replaces “Redcare” systems but also continues to provide interactive monitoring in the event of telephone landlines being cut. Like “Redcare” DualCAud immediately informs us that there is a telephone problem so that we in turn inform the client, but unlike “Redcare” which can no longer monitor the alarm when there is no communication link, (and therefore cannot call for police support in the event of a break-in), DualCAud duplicates the normal landline system and continues to monitor the alarm system so that if a break-in does occur we can react in our normal way by immediately challenging the intruders over the loudspeaker system whilst calling the police to the site.

DualCAud costs just £197 to install and then monitoring is £10 per month in addition to the standard land line fee – A fraction of the cost of “Redcare” for infinitely more security.

To learn more about our monitored alarms, visit our About monitored alarms page.
To learn more about our monitored CCTV, visit our About monitored CCTV page.

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