Best Wired Home alarm systems in the UK

AMCO’s specialist wired alarms are perfect for homes of any size - as our LiveTalk alarm monitoring solution (which comes as standard with our alarms) is flexible, meaning that we can protect both large and small properties.

Most people choose to install AMCO systems because they’re looking for the best wired home burglar alarm - which LiveTalk gives.  By best wired burglar alarm we mean:

- Robust / reliable security equipment

AMCO partner leading UK security manufacturer Texecom, who provide 90% of all our security equipment.

- Immediate response monitoring

AMCO’s LiveTalk alarm monitoring provides the quickest and best response of any monitored alarm system, as when the alarm is activated we can quickly listen / talk into the property allowing us to verify whether the activation is a real activation - and call the relevant emergency service when required.

- Great service

AMCO’s a family-run business which puts customer service at our core.  This means that unlike some of our other national security company rivals, you won’t get lost in an eternal customer service queue - but get through to someone who knows what they’re talking about pretty quickly.

Wired vs Wireless alarms

AMCO install both wired and wireless alarms, so we're agnostic in our view of systems.  Here's our comparison of wired and wireless alarms:

Wired Wireless
Cost Wired alarm equipment is relatively cheap, however it takes time to install - labour therefore being the most expensive element. Wireless equipment is expensive, however installation is easy and therefore cheap.
Reliability Wired alarms are extremely reliable, rarely go wrong and can last for 20+ years with minimal updating.
Wireless: Wireless burglar alarms comparatively unreliable; need to change sensor batteries every 12 to 18 months, and prone to faults / false alarms due to sensors losing connectivity.
Ease of install Wired alarms are relatively difficult to install due to the need to wire all sensors into different rooms, meaning high levels of disruption to a property during installation (and the need to hide wires). Wireless alarms are easy to do the physical installation; more complex / advanced wireless alarms require high level of programming, which takes time and requires a high level of skill.
Property suitability Wired alarms are best for larger houses that are being redecorated and commercial properties (like shops / warehouses) which have wiring ducts making it easy to install. If you buy a simple wireless alarm, they’re good for small flats and houses.  We’d never advise to install a wireless alarm in a shop.
Best manufacturer Texecom, Honeywell, Risco Texecom, Visonic, Essence
Summary Wired alarms are the most reliable, however they can be complicated to install (due to wiring). Wireless alarms are less reliable but easy to install.  Depending on manufacturer wireless alarm equipment can be expensive to install.

Q: Which is more expensive, wired or wireless burglar alarm?

A: Because of the balance of equipment costs and installation labour costs, from an overall cost perspective wired and wireless alarms cost are similar (with wireless alarm equipment being expensive, but quick to install, and wired alarm equipment being cheap but expensive to install).

Examples of wired alarm equipment

AMCO install two types of wired alarm equipment - the Veritas and Premier, both from Texecom - the UK's leading manufacturer.  To read more about the specifications of wired alarm technologies AMCO use, click here >>

Below are some examples of the kinds of equipment that come standard as part of a AMCO wired alarm system . . .

Wired alarm system

How AMCO monitored alarms work

AMCO’s monitored alarm systems are special as they come with *LiveTalk Monitoring* meaning that our highly trained 24/7 monitoring staff can immediately listen, talk and challenge intruders in your property.

The idea of our monitored alarm systems is that we immediately scare away burglars by talking to them via a 'speaker microphone unit' and call in the emergency services if necessary.

What happens when an AMCO monitored alarm is activated

Burglar breaking in

AMCO listens via microphone

Intruder breaks in and activates AMCO LiveTalk monitoring allowing AMCO to listen into property immediately.

20 seconds after alarm activation.

Burglar is challenged

AMCO challenges via speaker

Intruder is startled by AMCO staff verbally challenging via a speaker in the property.

5 seconds later.

Burglar leaves empty handed

AMCO alerts emergency services

AMCO alerts police. Intruder runs away quickly (empty handed).

10 seconds later.

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