Best Burglar alarm in the UK

Q: What’s the best burglar alarm in the UK in 2018?

A: The quick answer is that it depends on your property set-up; if you live in a house or have a small business, then the best alarm system is  AMCO’s LiveTalk system; if you live in a small flat, then the Canary or WifiVu are good options.

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Best burglar alarm system for home

When considering an alarm system for your house, given that for most people your home is your castle and you want to protect everything possible, then you want a real alarm system - that really protects everything you care about.

The levels of protection you need to consider for you home include:

- Reliable sensors & equipment

- Quick alarm monitoring response

- Good service (to make sure the system is working)

Taking into consideration all these factors, we’d say that AMCO’s LiveTalk alarm system is the best burglar alarm system in the UK.  AMCO’s LiveTalk burglar alarm is the best because it includes:

- Reliable / robust alarm equipment: all alarm panel and sensors used by AMCO are from Texecom, the UK’s leading security equipment manufacturer.  Telecom provide both wired and wireless equipment - the wired equipment being Veritas and the wireless being the Premier Elite equipment, using Ricochet technology.

- Immediate alarm response: with the LiveTalk alarm monitoring system, AMCO’s have immediate audio-response meaning that when the alarm is activated AMCO’s monitoring team can immediately listen and talk into the property - checking whether there’s a problem, and being able to immediately react accordingly.  To learn more about LiveTalk, visit

- Great service: as AMCO’s a family-owned business we care a lot about customer service - meaning that if you’ve got a problem with your alarm system, we can quickly solve it - unlike many biggest security companies.

AMCO vs ADT alarm comparison

In the past, ADT has been a benchmark for quality security.  However, in recent years ADT have worsened both from a product and service perspective - dropping way behind products like AMCO’s LiveTalk system - which is now very much the best alarm in the market.  Here’s a comparison between LiveTalk and an ADT system . . .

Monitoring Type

2-way audio verification; meaning that

within 20/30 seconds monitoring staff

are listening / talking into the property

verifying if there's a problem or not.

Call-back; meaning that within 20/30 seconds

monitoring staff phone the property and


Equipment manufacturer Texecom (UK)

Visonic (for wireless) & Honeywell (for wired)

(US manufactured)

Smart Home functionality

Advanced smart home functionality:

ability to add Smart Plugs, create recipes / rules,

control remotely via app.

Basic smart home functionality:

turn alarm on/off via app

Review rating 4+ stars: good all-round service and product reliability 2 star: Complaints about service / after-care
Monthly monitoring fee £17.99 £25 to £35+

Best alarm system for renter

If you live in a small flat that you rent, then you may consider a cheaper / all-in-one security system like the Canary or the WifiVu.

These ‘all-in-one’ security systems combine both motion detection and video cameras - all connected via an app.  What this means is that if your alarm is activated (i.e. if motion is detected) then the owner can view their property and see what’s happening remotely.

With something like the WifiVu you can add multiple cameras together, meaning that you can check to see multiple rooms at once.  The WifiVu units cost c.£69 each, meaning it’s a cheap option. You can also do this with the Canary, however at £150+ for a Canary the cost rapidly adds together.

Our recommendation

Overall, our recommendation for the best burglar alarm system of 2018 is AMCO’s LiveTalk system - this will cover most houses and flats.  For really small flats - like a one bedroom flat - we’d recommend using something like the WifiVu or Canary (if you’re looking to spend more).

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Top 5 best alarm system list

Beyond our recommendations above, when selecting an alarm installer you also need to consider the underlying alarm technology used in the alarm system.  Here's a list of the top 5 best burglar alarm technology companies:

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Top 5 best wireless all-in-one smart alarm list

If you're not looking for a traditional alarm, but a quick-and-easy to install alarm, then there's now a tonne of alarm technologies to choose from.  Here's are summary of the 5 best smart alarms:


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