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Upgrade your CCTV

  • Upgrade to the latest AI technology
  • Create 'virtual tripwires' for detection
  • Set-up smartphone alerts
  • 24/7 monitoring (optional)

Upgrade your CCTV system

If you’ve got an old existing wired CCTV system, then it's easy to upgrade.  The important thing we’d emphasise is that you shouldn’t rip it out and start again - but use the wired infrastructure you’ve got and upgrade the hardware.

Make your CCTV ‘smart’ - by adding Artificial intelligence

Adding artificial intelligence (AI) to your CCTV will turn it from being a ‘dumb’ system into a ‘smart’ system i.e. enabling you to do a lot more with the video imagery that your CCTV system records.


Get more out of your CCTV

Upgrading to an AI CCTV system will add various functions, including:

> Movement detection: identify and send alerts based on either human or vehicle movement detection

> Object theft detection: identify when an object is moved / stolen from outside your property

> Loiter detection: recognise when bodies move into a specified ‘area’, and remain in that area for a specified time

> Facial recognition: use facial recognition to identify specific people (via their photo stored in a localised database), and set alerts / permissions e.g. alarms, alerts, access control.

> People counting: track and manage people entering/exiting your property and how many people enter specific areas of your property.

Add specialist cameras

Add specialist AI cameras designed to help you with specific tasks. For example, if you want to improve your perimeter detection outside your property, install ‘active deterrent cameras’ with in-built sirens and flashing lights - to deter any potential intruders before they reach your property.


N.B. AI cameras can only be added to IP CCTV systems. Please talk to our team to check whether your system is compatible.

Get ‘event’ alerts & Smart Search

All our AI CCTV systems include automatic smartphone alerts, if an ‘event’ is registered on the system (e.g. if human movement is detected outside your property). Our systems also include ‘smart search’ functionality, enabling you to quickly and easily find historic events over a set time period (e.g. find out what happened outside your property at the weekend).


Speak to the experts

AI CCTV upgrade options are dependent on the specific set-up of your existing system. Please contact our team for more details. Upgrade costs start at £425 upwards. Speak to our team for more information 01347 822111 or email sales@amco999.com