AMCO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why customers choose AMCO


The main reason customers choose AMCO is down to the fact that our security systems are the best and actually work.  By ‘work’ we mean that our unique LiveTalk system actively scares off burglars and limits loss.  Customers also like AMCO because we’re family-owned, so offer the personal service that big multi-national companies fail at.

How LiveTalk works from a practical perspective


LiveTalk works differently to most alarm systems; here’s a step-by-step overview of what happens when the system is activated:

1) Once an alarm sensor is activated, the LiveTalk communicator dials our monitoring station (via telephone line or GSM / mobile network)

2) AMCO’s monitoring station connects to your system enabling our monitoring staff to first listen into the property to check what is happening

3) After listening and checking, we will then ‘verbally challenge’ via the speaker unit along the lines of ‘Intruder detected, please identify yourself’.

4) If it’s a false alarm, you give your ‘SAFE’ password so we know you are who you say you are.  You can also give a ‘DURESS’ password which communicates to our team that there is a problem (e.g. you’re under duress).

5) If the SAFE password is not given, and there is an un-identified person on site we will then alert the emergency services and communicate into the property that the Police have been alerted.

6) We will also call key holders to inform them of the activation.

How AMCO compares against our bigger competitors


The three main things we beat our bigger competitors (like ADT and Verisure) on are: product, service and price.

- Product: with AMCO you’re buying the best equipment on the market.  We install the Premier and Infinite alarm systems  as well as our LiveTalk monitoring equipment.  With many competitors (e.g. with Verisure) you don’t actually ‘buy’ the equipment, but instead rent it.  Read full details of our equipment specs here >>

- Service: AMCO is a family-owned company and not a huge corporation (we install 1000’s of systems not millions), meaning you’ll always get an answer to your question and never get stuck in an endless telephone support queue.

- Price: we pride ourselves on our good honest pricing, and don’t charge stupidly expensive ongoing monthly fees or unexpected future costs.  Yes, with AMCO the install price will be more initially, however we’ll save you money in the long term.

How AMCO’s pricing works and how we save you money


We split our pricing into two:

1)Installation and equipment purchase price

2) Monthly monitoring fee

As you’re buying the best equipment on the market (i.e. Texecom Premier and LiveTalk) then the initial upfront cost will be higher than our competitors, however our monthly monitoring fees will be a lot less - saving you money over the long term.

N.B. we provide 24/7 telephone technical support included in monthly monitoring fee.

> Other common questions

Does AMCO sell non-monitored alarms? 

Yes, you can buy a traditional bells-only alarm system if you want.  You’ll be able to upgrade this to a monitored system in the future.

Does AMCO offer alternative pricing models (e.g. the option to pay less up-front)?

Yes, we do offer a 36 month minimum contract - which lowers the initial install price by c.£200 but puts up the monthly monitoring fees to £29.99.  This is only available to domestic customers.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, 24/7 telephone technical support is included as FREE within the existing monthly monitoring cost.  Additionally, AMCO systems are remotely automatically checked every 7 or 30 days.  Read our full technical support / maintenance procedure here.

What equipment warranties does AMCO give?

We provide a 12 month equipment warranty as standard, so if anything goes wrong in the first 12 months we’ll fix it for free.

Does AMCO’s LiveTalk guarantee police response?

Sadly we can’t guarantee the police will attend your property if we alert them of a break-in; this is the same with any alarm company.  The police have increasingly limited resources, so have to prioritise and are wary of false-alarms wasting police time.   LiveTalk’s audio-verification is one great advantage over traditional alarms, as we can listen-in and verify activity on site - upping the chance of police response, and lowering the chances of a false-alarm .  An additional thing that can help increase the chances of police response is by adding visual verification channels - for example monitored cameras, meaning that we can 100% assure the police that there a burglary is in process.

Does AMCO operate in my area?

Yes, more than likely. We have engineers and customers located across the UK.  Our HQ is based in Yorkshire (giving us low-overheads, which we can pass onto customers), with an additional office in London.

What happens if I want to leave AMCO?

We require our customers to sign-up for a minimum of 12 months.  After this 12 months customers are free to leave - giving a 3 month notice period.  As you own the equipment, and AMCO install Texecom equipment as standard which is widely serviced by other companies, you are not locked in legally or technically by AMCO (unlike some security companies who make it technically and legally difficult to leave their service).

Is AMCO certified by Insurance companies?

Yes, but not all.  If you have specific insurance requirements it’s best to check with your insurer.   You can read our full insurance specifications here.

> Specific installation notes

Does installation require running cables? 

Yes, all of AMCO’s alarm - even the wireless systems - require running cables.  Wireless alarms require connecting the LiveTalk unit to the main alarm panel as well as connecting to the telephone line. 

Does AMCO provide advanced programming options?

Yes. As standard we will programme a single alarm code, as well as 2 arm modes: full arm and part arm (e.g. a night arming mode for setting your alarm at night).  Additional programming is possible, but may require additional costs - depending on the sophistication.

Telephone line / communication channel responsibility

It’s important to note that it’s the customer’s responsibility to have a fixed telephone line (PSTN) in place to connect our LiveTalk monitoring system to.  It’s also the customer’s responsibility to maintain that telephone line, so AMCO’s system can communicate via it when necessary.  If you don’t have a telephone line, we offer alternative options like GSM-diallers (that use the mobile phone network to communicate).

> Terms and conditions & contracting

You can read AMCO’s full terms and conditions here.  AMCO operate a straight-forward and honest approach to contracting and terms.  We don’t aim to be overly zealous and screw customers over with onerous terms, and nor do we try to lock customers into our service via legal means (unlike some of our competitors).

Our terms simply exist to protect us against unscrupulous customers, who unfortunately exist and on occasion threaten us.  If you’re honest and well-meaning, you can guarantee we’ll act similarly back.  After all, you are paying us to secure your most valuable - so trust between the two of us is important.