Texecom Veritas or Premier alarm battery replacement 

If you're looking to buy a replacement battery for your Texecom alarm (whether that's Veritas R8 or Premier), you can buy batteries via our online store here, or if you don't know which battery you need keep reading . . .


The Texecom Veritas (R8, 8 or Compact 8) can take x3 different alarm battery types.  The important thing is that the voltage of the battery you install is 12V, and the variety of battery types relates to the ‘amps per hour’ (ah) the battery out puts.

The difference in ‘ah’ essentially (in basic terms) relates to how big the battery is, and therefore in the  case of the battery back-up needing to be used, how long the battery will last for.

The 3 different Veritas alarm battery replacement options are: 2.1ah, 3.4ah and 7ah (all 12V).

Size Price Discount links
2.1ah (12V) Small (178x34x60mm) £12.99 2.1ah BUY NOW >>
3.4ah (12V) Medium (134x60x67mm) £13.99 3.4ah BUY NOW >>
7ah (12V) Large (151x94x65mm) £16.99 7ah BUY NOW >>

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Additionally, and possibly more importantly, there is the physical size of each battery to take into consideration - as the smaller the ‘ah’ the smaller the physical size of the battery.

The physical size of the battery is particularly important in the case of the Veritas, as if your alarm was installed by a lazy installer they probably won’t have tidied up the wires inside the alarm meaning that there isn’t much space for a battery.

Veritas R8 Battery replacement

The final factor to consider is to make sure you don't buy cheap / counterfeit batteries - as these may cause a fire danger to your property.  Only buy from a reputable vendor.

What battery does my Veritas alarm use?

The quick answer is that your Texecom Veritas alarm will work with any of the 2.1 / 3.4 or 7ah 12V batteries.  Ideally you’d buy the battery with the biggest ‘ah’ as this will give your alarm the longest back-up time (if you have a power cut).

The only tricky question is ‘how much space is there inside to fit the battery’?  Here's our guide to which battery is best for your specific version of the Veritas alarm . . .

Veritas alarm battery options

If you don’t know how much space is inside, our recommendation would be to go for the 3.4ah battery - as this is the most flexible battery option.

Overall recommendation

If you have Compact 8 then the best battery is the 2.1ah battery as this should definitely fit into the panel (as the Compact 8 is the smallest of the Veritas alarm range)  BUY 2.1ah battery HERE >>

If you have the Veritas 8, we'd recommend choosing the 3.4ah battery.  BUY 3.4ah battery HERE >>

And if you've got an R8 (i.e. a Veritas alarm with a remote keypad) we'd recommend buying either the 3.4ah or 7ah.  BUY 3.4ah  battery HERE >>

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Don't want to change your battery yourself?

If you don't want to change your battery yourself, you can book an appointment for one of our engineers to visit your property and chang the battery for you (as well as supplying the correct battery at the same time).  Book this service here >> 


How to change Texecom alarm battery 

Changing a battery in a Texecom Veritas R8 alarm panel is relatively simple - that is if you have the correct engineering codes and you have the confidence to deal with both electronics and electricity.

The reason I say ‘confidence to deal with both electronics and electricity’ is that as with most alarm panels, the inside of an alarm panel can be a spaghetti soup of wires - wires connected to both 12V circuits and also 240V, and obviously you don’t want to make any errors in this type of scenario as you’ll either 

a) accidentally knock a wire and cause a fault on the alarm

b) accidentally knock a wire and create a short (resulting in danger of fire)

c) electrocute yourself 

That said, if you have a certain level of competence around electrics then you should be able to work out what to do.  Again, that is heavily dependent on you having

a) the right engineering codes (which will give you access to opening the alarm panel without setting off a tamper)

b) the right battery

Texecom R8 battery

The most common battery used in a Veritas R8 alarm panel is the 12V 3.4ah battery.  These batteries are pretty robust and need changing every 4 to 5 years - as similarly with car batteries, which have a similar level of exertion put on them.

Texecom alarm battery

 The specifications of the most common Texecom R8 alarm battery is as follows:

- Supplier: Powersonic

- Name: 12V 3.4ah

- Battery size: 134 x 60 x 67mm

- Weight: 1.35 kg

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How to change an Veritas R8 battery

If you’ve got the 2 main elements above (i.e. engineering codes and a new R8 battery) then all you need to do is:

1) Enter the R8 engineer code

2) Open up the R8 panel front (by unscrewing the two screws either side of the panel)

3) Remove the battery connectors (from the positive and negative terminals) and swap out the battery

All you need to then do is the remove actions, as in put the panel front back on (making sure you click back the tamper spring), and then re-enter the engineering code so the panel is back to its original ‘unset’ state.

Job done!

Having trouble choosing / changing your battery?

If you are having trouble or have any questions we'd recommend speaking to a professional - and you can access professional support to help solve your problems via our Texecom battery changings service here >>