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AMCO Security is North Yorkshire's leading specialist in monitored alarms & CCTV

Learn more about how our special alarm monitoring works here  We're based in Easingwold, so are super local!


The best security systems in North Yorkshire

AMCO monitored alarms and CCTV provide real security via AMCO's special *immediate audio-response alarm monitoring*, meaning that in an emergency situation our trained monitoring staff are there to immediately listen in, challenge and respond.

Police car

> AMCO scares off burglars
> AMCO gets the police in quickly
> AMCO provides 24/7 peace of mind

How AMCO monitored alarms & alarm monitoring work

Burglar breaking in

AMCO listens via microphone

Intruder breaks in and activates AMCO interactive alarm monitoring allowing AMCO to listen into property immediately.

20 seconds after alarm activation.

Burglar is challenged

AMCO challenges via speaker

Intruder is startled by AMCO staff verbally challenging via a speaker in the property.

5 seconds later.

Burglar leaves empty handed

AMCO alerts emergency services

AMCO alerts police. Intruder runs away quickly (empty handed).

10 seconds later.

3 ways to buy AMCO security systems

AMCO Bell box

Buy a new monitored alarm

Our monitored alarms are the best on the market, giving you real security for your property.

AMCO speaker

Upgrade your existing alarm with AMCO alarm monitoring

AMCO alarm monitoring is different, as our systems allow us to listen and talk into your property when activated.

CCTV Camera

Buy a CCTV system

Our monitored CCTV systems mean you can monitor and record activity on your property 24/7.

Here's what our customers say

"We researched a number of home security companies and got a range of quotes and AMCO came out on top."

- Filthurlow (DooYoo Review)

"I am a chartered accountant with 27 years experience in business and I thoroughly recommend AMCO."

- Paul (Trustpilot review)

Watch a quick tour from an AMCO client

Some of our existing happy clients

Meet our Yorkshire-based team

The Alarm Monitoring Company (AMCO) provide the best home alarms and business security in the UK, and are the UK's leading specialists in monitored alarm systems and monitored CCTV.

As alarm monitoring specialists AMCO aim to provide the best monitored alarms and CCTV at the best prices - we also pride ourselves on being probably the friendliest and most helpful alarm company too!

We're based in Easingwold, in-between York and Thirsk, so are the ideal reliable local security company you're looking for.

Also, if you want to join our team - we're hiring!