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The best monitored burglar alarms with LiveTalk

  • Premium 'LiveTalk' alarm monitoring as standard
  • Low cost monthly monitoring fees
  • No onerous lengthy contracts
  • Home or commercial alarm monitoring
LiveTalk alarm monitoring
LiveTalk alarm monitoring
LiveTalk alarm monitoring

How monitored alarms work

AMCO's burglar alarms are special as they come with LiveTalk Monitoring meaning that our 24/7 monitoring staff can immediately challenge intruders in your property.

LiveTalk is proven to work, immediately scaring away burglars by talking to them via a 'speaker microphone unit' and alerting the emergency services where necessary.


What happens when an AMCO monitored alarm is activated

Monitored alarm system process 1

AMCO listens via microphone

Intruder breaks in and activates LiveTalk monitoring allowing AMCO to listen into property immediately.

20 seconds after alarm activation.

Monitored alarm system process 2

AMCO challenges via speaker

Intruder is startled by AMCO staff verbally challenging via a speaker in the property.

5 seconds later.

Monitored alarm system process 3

AMCO alerts emergency services

AMCO alerts police. Intruder runs away quickly.

10 seconds later.

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Why LiveTalk monitored alarms are the best

LiveTalk is regarded as the best monitored burglar alarm in the UK, because of the following key reasons:

> High security: LiveTalk provides immediate audio-response allowing remote monitoring staff to verify activity on site and call emergency services if required

> Wide compatibility: LiveTalk is compatible with 90% of all alarm systems on the market, meaning that you can add LiveTalk monitoring to any existing alarm system

> Multiple communications channels: LiveTalk monitoring works with x3 different communications channels, giving flexibility 1) Landline (PSTN) 2) VOIP 3) Mobile / GSM

> Non-proprietry technology: LiveTalk uses open standards, meaning if you want to change from using LiveTalk to another system you can - and you’re not technically locked-into the LiveTalk system.

Guide to monitored alarm systems

There are a number of different monitored alarm systems available in the UK.  The main difference in monitored alarm systems is to do with their ‘monitoring response procedure’.  There are x3 different types of monitoring system, each providing a different level of security & value:

> Immediate audio-response: high security On activation, system allows monitoring team to automatically listen and talk into the property (scaring off burglar), and alerts key holders

> Call-back: medium security on activation, system notifies monitoring station and monitoring station calls property and key holders.

> Auto-dialler: low security on activation, system sends automated message to key holders.

Monitored burglar alarm system comparison

AMCO focus on LiveTalk monitoring, however as stated earlier there are multiple different types of burglar alarm monitoring.  The following is a comparison of different types of monitored alarms, so you can understand the difference in both ‘response’ and technologies.

Monitored alarm type Response method Strength / Weakness Security level
Immediate audio-response Two-way audio (listen & speak) Provides quick response and verification (via two-way audio) High
Call-back Telephone call to property / key holder Requires duel sensor verification, no live verification Medium
Auto-dialler Auto-dial message to key holder Provides no verification Low

How much monitored alarms cost

There are two costs associated with monitored alarm systems: install cost (one-off) and monthly monitoring fee (ongoing).  A basic monitored burglar alarm system in the UK will cost in region of £700 to £1000 to install, and £19 to £40 a month for monitoring.

Here's a quick comparison between AMCO and ADT monitored alarms - to give you a sense of how we compare with the biggest alarm company in the world . . .

Bespoke choice of equipment YES YES
LiveTalk 24/7 monitoring YES NO
Low cost alarm monitoring fee YES (£18.99) NO
Family owned, family service YES NO
Minimum contract length 1 year 3 years
Ratings / reviews 5 stars 3 stars
Number of customers 10,000+ 1 million+

When looking comparing monitored alarm costs, you need to understand what you’re paying for in each case.  For example, with Verisure you’re not actually ‘buying’ the equipment but instead ‘leasing it’ - so you don’t own it.  ADT also sell some systems that are leased - not owned.

The other detail you need to understand when buying a monitored alarm is what ‘type' of monitoring service you’re buying with your alarm.  For example, with ADT’s cheaper wireless alarm systems all you get is an ‘auto-dialler’ service - which you frankly shouldn’t be paying £25+ a month for, as the auto-dialler has zero costs associated with it.

Comparison of monitored alarm technologies

All alarm companies sell different types of alarm monitoring service as part of their monitored alarm system.  Often the type of monitoring isn’t very clear, however the comparison between different monitoring types is marked.

Here’s a quick comparison of different monitored alarm technologies from different alarm companies with notes on the difference in monitoring system & security levels:

Company Monitored alarm technology How it reacts / works Level of security
AMCO LiveTalk interactive two-way audio Listen and speak via loudspeaker.  Designed verify activity on site & scare off burglars. High security
ADT Call-back or auto-dialler System calls landline on site to check activity.  Police response only available via double-trigger. Medium to low security
Verisure Two-way audio (mobile only) Listen and talk via mobile unit.  Designed to speak to owners on site. Medium to low security
Banham Call-back System calls landline on site to check activity.  Police response only available via double-trigger. Medium

N.B. as a general rule of thumb we’d never recommend buying a monitored alarm that solely relies on an ‘auto-dialler’ as this is no better than having an smartphone app connected to your alarm, which sends alerts whenever there’s activity from the alarm.

If you dig further into the different specific monitored alarm technologies then you'll find that the main technology providers behind the different services are:

> LiveTalk: LiveTalk is a two-way audio monitored alarm system that integrates a wired speaker/mic in a property, and is used by the likes of AMCO.

> CSL: CSL the manufacturer of alarm monitoring diallers like Dualcom - which has both fixed landline and GSM back-up.  CSL technologies are used by the likes of Banham.

> EssenceEssence are an Israeli security technology company, and provide the mobile monitored alarm technologies used by Verisure.

Monitored alarms for businesses

Having a monitored alarm installed is increasingly a requirement of businesses by insurance companies and for Health and Safety reasons e.g. for lone worker scenarios.

AMCO provide specialist monitored alarm systems for businesses that both cover intruder and lone worker scenarios.  AMCO’s LiveTalk monitored alarms are used by all types of business, whether it’s a small high-street shop or a large warehouse.

Businesses that operate low-staffing numbers and single-manning scenarios particularly like LiveTalk monitored alarms as they provide both classic intruder cover and also lone-worker response when panic buttons are connected.  Adding panic buttons to monitored alarms gives staff 24/7 emergency response at the click of a button.


Home security monitoring systems

Although the alarm monitoring technologies for home and businesses are the same, the use cases for home security monitoring are different.  Outside of the need for home alarm monitoring to protect against intruders, the other key scenarios you should consider when buying a monitored home alarm system are:

> Personal attack: adding mobile panic buttons to LiveTalk alarm monitoring gives you 24/7 protection, wherever you are in your home.  Protect specifically against those vulnerable moments (e.g. door stepping scenarios or moments your home alone).

> Medical emergencies: if you or a member of the family are particularly vulnerable at home, protect against these scenarios with mobile wrist fob panic buttons - meaning you have a panic button with you all the time, with 24/7 medical or police response when you need it most.

> Night time alarm protection: create a specific 'night time alarm' setting, meaning that the downstairs parts of your home are protected at night, whilst you're at home in bed at night.

Monitored panic alarm for elderly people

For vulnerable individuals like elderly people or people with medical issues, it’s possible to connect panic buttons to a monitored alarm system to turn it into a monitored panic alarm or medical alarm.

Monitored alarm systems like LiveTalk allow you to connect multiple different types of monitored panic button for different scenarios.  The three main different types of monitored panic buttons are:

> Wired: wired monitored panic buttons are best for commercial properties, or for positioning next to key entry points (like the front door) in domestic properties to protect against doorstep thieves.

> Wireless fob: wireless fobs are best used in general ‘panic attack scenarios’.  The fob can be carried around in a person’s pocket, or kept in drawers around the property so they’re accessible if needed.

> Wrist fob: wrist fob panic buttons are best used for medical alert scenarios, as having the panic button strapped to a customer’s wrist means the button can easily be pushed if a customer suffers a fall.


Get a monitored alarm quote

If you want to get a quick quote, then give us a call.  We do all our quotes on the telephone to save you time - quotes normally take no more than 10 mins of your time.  Give us a call  on 0800 13 03 999, or if it's out of hours drop us an email sales@amco999.com

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**Spring Offer** - Save up to £100 off your installation cost.   Click here for more info >> Call now to secure your discount 0800 13 03 999