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The best monitored alarms with LiveTalk

  • Premium 'LiveTalk' monitoring as standard
  • Low cost monthly monitoring
  • No onerous lengthy contracts
  • Wired or wireless technology custom-designed

How AMCO monitored alarms work

AMCO’s monitored alarm systems are special as they come with LiveTalk Monitoring meaning that our 24/7 monitoring staff can immediately challenge intruders in your property.

LiveTalk is proven to work, immediately scaring away burglars by talking to them via a 'speaker microphone unit' and alerting the emergency services where necessary.


What happens when an AMCO alarm is activated

Burglar breaking in

AMCO listens via microphone

Intruder breaks in and activates LiveTalk monitoring allowing AMCO to listen into property immediately.

20 seconds after alarm activation.

Burglar is challenged

AMCO challenges via speaker

Intruder is startled by AMCO staff verbally challenging via a speaker in the property.

5 seconds later.

Burglar leaves empty handed

AMCO alerts emergency services

AMCO alerts police. Intruder runs away quickly.

10 seconds later.

Save up to £100

**Autumn Offer** - Save up to £100 off your installation cost.   Click here for more info >> Call now to secure your discount 0800 13 03 999

The best security on the market, at a fraction of the cost

Our LiveTalk system provides the best security in the market, and because we’re family-owned we can provide this top security at low prices - as we don’t have the overheads of some of our larger multi-national competitors like ADT, Secom or Verisure.

We pride ourselves on our low monthly alarm monitoring costs. Where as our competitors charge £40+ month, we only charge £17.99 (inc VAT) a month- and this is LiveTalk monitoring.


How AMCO compares to competitors

Here's a quick comparison between AMCO and ADT - to give you a sense of how we compare with the biggest alarm company in the world . . .

Bespoke choice of equipment YES YES
LiveTalk 24/7 monitoring YES NO
Low cost monitoring fee YES (£17.99) NO
Family owned, family service YES NO
Minimum contract length 1 year 3 years
Ratings / reviews 4 / 5 stars 2 stars
Number of customers 10,000+ 1 million+

LiveTalk monitoring - exclusive from AMCO

All AMCO alarms come with special LiveTalk alarm monitoring integrated as standard.

LiveTalk includes a speaker microphone device which connects directly to our monitoring station - allowing us to speak into your property in an emergency situation, and scare off intruders.

LiveTalk means that our monitoring staff are with you 24/7, and able to immediately react and verify any emergency situation, including intruders, fire, personal attack and medical.

To learn more about LiveTalk monitoring, read more on our LiveTalk product page here >> 

High quality alarm equipment (wired or wireless)

We provide a selection of different security equipment, giving you the choice between wired or wireless alarm equipment.

If you’re specifically looking for a wireless alarm system, then choose AMCO’s premium wireless alarm system powered by Texecom’s Ricochet wireless technology.  Ricochet is commercial-grade wireless security equipment, renowned for its reliability and scaleability  - ideal for mid / large houses, as well as commercial properties. Learn more about Ricochet wireless technology here >>

AMCO's monitored alarm systems can also integrate visual monitoring, via LiveViz and other traditional CCTV systems - watch the video below for more info.

And if you want to see the equipment we'd install in your property, view detailed specifications of AMCO's alarm equipment here >>


Add Smart Home functionality

Our premium range of alarms come ‘Smart Home ready’ meaning we can easily add the ability to control your alarm via your mobile phone.  Features of AMCO Smart include:

Smart alarm

- Remote set / unset: control & monitor the status of your security wherever you are

- Activity notifications: set-up specific system activity notifications e.g. get notified when your cleaner arrives & leaves

- Calendar history: view all historic events across all devices e.g. see when your children get home at night, see if anyone’s been into your private study, get historic activation data (to check false alarms)

- Recipes / rules: create special ‘recipes’ (rules) that link devices & sensors, creating a truly smart home.  For example, create a rule that ‘turns on your hall light IF you open your front door’ or ‘automatically set your alarm IF you’re out of the house’ or ‘turn off your hair straighteners IF the alarm is set’ or ‘turn on house lights IF out of the house AND it’s after 8pm’.

Learn more about our smart home solution, AMCO Smart here >>

3 reasons to choose AMCO's specialist alarms 

  • 1. The best monitoring

    Our special LiveTalk monitoring gives you superior protection than standard "call-back" monitoring.
  • 2. No long contracts

    To keep things simple for you, we don't insist on long monitoring contracts. Our minimum contract length is 1 year NOT 3 years.
  • 3. Low-cost monitoring

    Our charges are up to 1/2 our competitors, saving you £££'s over the years + we have never increased charges to existing customers for 18 years

How we've saved lives over the years

We're proud to say that we've saved numerous lives and stopped 1000's of burglaries over the 20+ years AMCO has been in business.  Read all our customer reviews on the DooYoo review website, or TrustPilot.

With AMCO you should remember you're not just getting a burglar alarm, but a complete security system designed to help in a number of different emergency situations, including fire, personal attack and medical situations.

Watch the video below of how an AMCO monitored alarm system saved a man's life in Preston (Lancashire), alerting the police and fire services when an electric heater caught fire.  (And you can read / watch more AMCO life-saving stories here).


Get a quote quickly - no hassle

If you want to get a quick quote, then give us a call.  We do all our quotes on the telephone to save you time - quotes normally take no more than 10 mins of your time.  Give us a call  on 0800 13 03 999, or if it's out of hours drop us an email sales@amco999.com

Save up to £100

**Autumn Offer** - Save up to £100 off your installation cost.   Click here for more info >> Call now to secure your discount 0800 13 03 999