How AMCO Monitored CCTV is different

AMCO’s monitored CCTV is different to most other systems because it is always linked to monitored alarm systems that not only provide prior warning of a break-in, but also allows the CCTV controller to warn the intruders that they are being identified and that the police have been summoned.

Naturally even the most determined of criminals is not going to hang about to wait for the police. This provides the ultimate CCTV deterrence. 


Our monitored CCTV systems mean that your property is monitored 24/7 in four different ways, to provide the ultimate in security systems:

> Remote internet monitoring: at any time you can log-in and view your property via the internet, using secure software from anywhere in the world.

> Hard-disk recording: at all times, events are recoded and date/time stamper on a high-quality hard-drive.  All events can easily be searched for up to several months.

> On-site observation: you can view activities through a monitor, local computer or your TV.  The system warns you when unusual motion is detected.

> Remote audio-monitoring: when linked to our monitored alarm system, our monitoring staff can listen in when the alarm is activated.

Criminal identification - helping the police

In addition to providing deterrence, AMCO installs overt and covert CCTV cameras that ensure that criminals can be identified.  All events are recorded, meaning that any video of a crime can be quickly analysed and edited by AMCO, before being passed onto the local police.

These visual records enable the police to quickly identify any known criminals, resulting in speedy prosecution.


The best monitored CCTV - for a fraction of the cost

From £985 (inc VAT) and £12 a month we can supply and install a monitored 4 colour camera CCTV system, including:

> 4 x HD colour cameras with infrared LEDs for night vision, and weather-proof casing

> DVMR (digital video monitored recorder) with 500 GB hard-drive (providing several month's worth of recording time)

> Motion detection with automative alarm function (if required)

> Quad / sequentional viewing via both TV and computer network

> Remote viewing via the internet

> Remote monitoring and immediate response (when connected to one of our alarm systems)

N.B. our prices are over half the price of our competitors, as we import equipment directly from Asia meaning we can pass on savings to our customers.

Watch a video tour of one of our domestic CCTV systems

To get an idea of how our monitored CCTV systems work, the following is a video walk-through by one of our customers at his home:

Key CCTV equipment

AMCO monitored CCTV systems generally consists of x3 pieces of equipments:

> Cameras: for capturing and transmitting images in daylight or at night

> DVMR (digital video monitored recorder): this receives the camera signals and processes them into a format required by the user.  It is stamped with location, time and data information.  Most standard DVMRs can generally accommodate upto 16 cameras.

> Viewing screens: these can be local CCTV monitors or TV / computer monitors.  Additionally, a user (via password-protected codes) can access live and recorded images remotely via internet access.

All the equipment is linked together via special cabling and connectors to ensure high-quality pictures.  Our engineers hide all wires from sight (as best they can), to make sure the cables aren't vulnerable to interference and maintain the decor of your property.

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