Upgrade / fix / replace old Accenta alarm

The Accenta is an alarm system first developed by technology company Honeywell in the early 2000's, as a robust all-round alarm system.  The Accenta is a 100% wired alarm, and has a smaller sister alarm called the Optima.  Both the Accenta and Optima use the same base technology, the main difference being that the Accenta includes a remote keypad.

How to fix old Accenta alarm equipment

The good news is that it's relatively easy to fix an Accenta alarm panel - as Honeywell still manufacture the sytem.  So the option you have is to either fix your existing system, or to change / upgrade your alarm.  Because the Accenta is a wired alarm system, the good news is that it's easy to replace the core alarm panel with ANY wired alarm system, as wired alarms are generally compatible with each other.

Common faults with Accenta alarms that have ben fixed include:
- Accenta alarm keeps beeping: this is usually something to do with an old battery or faulty zone

- Accenta alarm false alarming: this is usually something to do with a faulty sensor (e.g. PIR)

- Accenta keypad not working: this usually requires replacing an Accenta keypad

- Accenta red power light flashing: this is usually a power or battery issue

- Accenta alarm tamper fault: tamper faults on the Accenta are usually to do with a tamper fault on the keypad, main alarm or on a sensor (e.g. a PIR lid come loose).

Need help upgrading your old Accenta system, speak to one of the AMCO team via phone - 0800 13 03 999 - or email sales@amco999.com


Accenta replacement alarm sensors

If you needed Accenta PIR / movement sensors fixing / replacing, AMCO could easily replace these with our standard Texecom PIR sensors.  The same goes for standard door contacts and vibration sensors.

Accenta replacement keypad

If your Accenta keypad is faulty, or is looking old / scuffed, you can easily replace this.  N.B. if you remove the keypad yourself, the system will go off and without the engineer code you won't be able to turn the alarm off - as you'll have triggered a tamper alarm.

Accenta smart alarm upgrade

As the Accenta alarm is now getting quite old, the best option is to completely replace the alarm panel (the main brain) and also the remote keypads with a modern system that includes Smart alarm functionality.

As the Accenta is a wired alarm system this is relatively easy to do - as most new wired alarm systems are compatible / easily swapped out.

AMCO would recommend replacing the Accenta with the Texecom Premier Elite alarm system.  The Premier is one of the most advanced systems on the market, and has the flexibility of being both wired and wireless and also being modular - meaning that you can easily upgrade in the future - for example adding ‘smartphone app’ functionality.

Upgrading your Accenta alarm to have smart functionality using the Texecom Premier Elite alarm will give you the best and most future-proof alarm system, meaning you won't have to upgrade your alarm for a good 20+ years - because of its modular set-up.

Accenta alarm monitoring upgrade

If you don’t want to replace your whole alarm system, one option to upgrade your Accenta alarm system is to add alarm monitoring to it.  AMCO’s recommendation would be to add LiveTalk alarm monitoring to it - giving you the best alarm monitoring on the market.  Read more about LiveTalk here >>

Can another company take-over / replace my alarm?

If you’ve got a wired Accenta panel (or any other Honeywell alarm system) it’s very easy for a company like AMCO to take over the alarm system - and upgrade the system.

AMCO operate nationwide, so can easily upgrade your system with a replacement Texecom Premier system.  Speak to one of the AMCO team via phone - 0800 13 03 999 - or email sales@amco999.com