Access Control System Guide

The following is AMCO's guide to access control systems for use in UK commercial properties.  AMCO are specialist Paxton Net2 installers and additionally are Pac8 installers, operating across the UK.  Drop us a note if you're interested in Paxton Net2 installation or a Pac8 system for your property.

How I might best use an access control system?  [Use cases]

The following is an overview of the core uses for access control technology within a commercial property:

> Managing access to specific areas of a building

> Tracking employee entry / exit

> Connecting to CCTV  / alarm system to create an integrated holistic security system (access / intruder / visual)

> Creating the foundations of a day-to-day people management system

Typical properties we install access control systems include offices, warehouses, schools / universities, public sector buildings (e.g. hospitals / Council buildings).

What kit’s involved in an access control system [Equipment breakdown]

There’s several different components as part of an access control system; you may need all or just a few of the following items:

> Door entry units: interfaces (both analogue / digital) which allow users to enter a property, usually via a button / touch-screen interface.

> Access readers: tag / fob / card / finger-print readers that allow users to enter / exit a property

>Control unit / management software:  the core brain to an access control unit, providing all the smarts to run the system through.  This is usually network-based, allowing remote access and management, but can also be local (for cheaper systems).

What access control products AMCO use? [AMCO equipment overview]

> AccessVu: entry-level video door entry system for single doors, with remote door release.  Budget range: £350 to £600 (single door)

> Pac8: mid-range access control system with user tracking system for low-level number of doors but with users at scale.  Budget range: £650 to £950+ (single door)

> Paxton Net2: advanced access control system for sophisticated management of multiple doors / users at scale  Budget range: £1500+

Use case 1: Paxton Net2 in multi-building office scenario

The following is an overview of how a Paxton Net2 access control system might be used in a multi-building office set-up, where a single access control system needs to work across multiple different buildings in a holistic way.  The great thing about the Paxton Net2 software is that it can easily cater for multiple different doors across multiple buildings using its cloud software.

Paxton2 multiple building access control solution

Use case 2: Paxton Net2 nano in listed building

The following is an overview of how a Paxton Net2 access control system might be used in a listed building scenario, where running wires is difficult.  Usefully the Net2 Nano provides a wireless access control system that avoids the need to run wiress across a listed property.

Paxton Net2 nano wireless access control system

Want help with your access control system design?

If you're interested in adding a sophisticated access control system to your commercial property, get in touch with our technical consultation team and we'll help design a system that is right for your specific needs.  Call 0800 13 03 999 or email