AMCO additional monitored security equipment guide

With our LiveTalk monitoring service, we can also add additional monitored security equipment to your system (e.g. Security cameras & Smoke Detectors) to take your alarm beyond just being a regular burglar alarm.  Here's an overview of different options you can add to your AMCO system


LiveViz Monitored Smart Security cameras

LiveViz are smart security cameras that can be integrated into your LiveTalk monitoring system, giving our monitoring team both ‘eye’s and ‘ears' to see and listen into your property when the alarm is activated - giving us a higher-level of verification of activity on site.

LiveViz cameras can also be ‘self-monitored’ via a smartphone app - so you can remotely check all is OK with your property whenever you like.  Read more about LiveViz here >> 


CCTV system & CCTV monitoring

Install a pro-grade CCTV system if you’re looking for a higher-level of visual security for your property. AMCO provide professional-grade wired CCTV systems, with both 2MP and 5MP camera options, linked back to a networked DVR or NVR recorder to give you reliable recording on site and remote smartphone access - along with 3rd party CCTV monitoring.

Additionally we can add monitoring services to your existing CCTV system - subject to technology compatibility.

Monitored smoke alarm

Link your existing smoke detectors into LiveTalk monitoring, or add new monitored smoke detectors, giving your added fire protection.

Monitored Personal attack buttons

Add either fixed or wireless panic buttons, giving you / your family / your staff protection against personal attack, or the threat of personal attack.

Panic button alarm system options

GSM back-up communicator

For vulnerable properties, add a GSM-back up communicator to give you redundancy in the case of a telephone line cut.

Additional dummy bell-boxes / window stickers

Add additional dummy bell-boxes and warning window stickers around the perimeter of your property for maximum deterrence.