Upgrading your old alarm system is easy

The good news is that if you’ve got an old wired alarm system you can easily upgrade it - without the need to completely change your whole system.  Wired alarms are the most reliable and cost-effective alarm option - however in many cases the main ‘alarm brain’ (the core panel) may be outdated. Learn about upgrade options here . . .


Keep your wires and sensors - just upgrade your alarm ‘brain’

If you have an existing wired alarm system, it’s completely bonkers / a huge waste of money to rip the whole thing out and replace it with a wireless system.  The best approach is to keep the wiring and sensors, and simply replace your main alarm panel with an updated system, with functionality like ‘smart app’ control, alarm monitoring and smart cameras. 

Control your alarm via an app

Adding app functionality to your alarm will turn your alarm into a ‘smart alarm’ - allowing you to control your system remotely - set and unset it remotely, check activity status (i.e. see if there’s anyone in your property) and get various notifications / alerts.

Add Alarm monitoring

Adding LiveTalk alarm monitoring to your system will take your security protection to another level, meaning that you have someone with you 24/7 whenever you need them - like having your own personal security guard.  Read more about our unique LiveTalk monitoring service here & watch the video below . . .


Add 'Smart cameras'

Installing LiveViz smart security cameras, and integrating them into your alarm system, means that you’ll have ‘eyes’ on the property whenever you want.  Using a smartphone app, you can use LiveViz to quickly check on your property whenever you want.


Wireless panic buttons

Adding wireless panic buttons to your alarm system, turns it into a emergency response system - which you can use in both personal attack scenarios or medical emergencies.  Panic buttons work best in conjunction with the LiveTalk monitoring service - as once a button is pressed, you’ll have someone immediately responding within 30 seconds.


Monitored smoke detectors

Who’s going to react to a smoke alarm in your property if no one’s in?  Connecting smoke detectors into your monitored alarm system gives you 24/7 fire protection - meaning that there’s always someone on hand to react to a smoke alarm going off, even when you’re out at work / on holiday.

Speak to the experts

The AMCO team are experts in upgrading old alarm systems - helping you make the most of the alarm infrastructure you already have in place. Call 0800 13 03 999 or email sales@amco999.com