AMCO security upgrade ideas

It's relatively easy to update your existing AMCO alarm, adding additional security options - depending on your needs.  These include upgrading to a ‘smart alarm’ with smartphone control, AI-powered security cameras / CCTV and monitored smoke detectors / panic buttons.

AI CCTV system & CCTV monitoring

Installing a CCTV system with Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives you the best CCTV on the market, enabling you to set-up intruder alerts before anyone reaches your property.

Adding Active Deterrent cameras and/or LiveTalk monitoring turns your CCTV system into an external alarm system.

Rough costs range between £650 (for a 1 camera system) to £1,950+ (for a 4 camera system).  Read more detail about CCTV and security camera options here >>


LiveViz Monitored Smart Security cameras

LiveViz are smart security cameras that can be integrated into your existing AMCO LiveTalk monitoring system, giving our monitoring team both ‘eye’s and ‘ears' to see and listen into your property when the alarm is activated - giving us a higher-level of verification of activity on site.

LiveViz cameras can also be ‘self-monitored’ via a smartphone app - so you can remotely check all is OK with your property whenever you like.  Read more about LiveViz here >> 

Rough costs for a x1 camera LiveViz system are £155 to £225.


Smart alarm functionality

Adding the ability to control your alarm system via a smartphone is relatively easy, depending on the type of panel you have installed.  Smart alarm functionality means you can set/unset your alarm remotely, and also get alerts around certain criteria - e.g. if your alarm is activated.

Rough costs for a smart alarm upgrade range from £285 to £385.  Learn more about AMCO's smart alarm functionality, read here >>

Monitored smoke alarm

Link your existing smoke detectors into LiveTalk monitoring, or add new monitored smoke detectors, giving your added fire protection.

Monitored Personal attack buttons

Add either fixed or wireless panic buttons, giving you / your family / your staff protection against personal attack, or the threat of personal attack.  If you've got a medical issue or are particularly infirm, you can also add 'wristband' buttons like the one below.

Read more detail on Personal attack / emergency response buttons here >>

Wristband panic button

GSM back-up communicator

For vulnerable properties, add a GSM-back up communicator to give you redundancy in the case of a telephone line cut.

Additional dummy bell-boxes / window stickers

Add additional dummy bell-boxes and warning window stickers around the perimeter of your property for maximum deterrence.

Want to discuss options?

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