Smart alarm guide & introduction to Texecom Connect app

The idea of a smart security system is that you can turn dumb devices in your home into ‘smart devices’ using software / an app - via your smartphone.  This is a guide to how AMCO’s smart burglar alarm works, powered by Texecom’s Connect App - focusing on the idea of recipes / rules in particular.

In the context of security, possibly the most interesting / useful area of smart security functionality is the ability to create ‘recipes’ (or what might commonly be called ‘rules’) that link cause and effect from different devices in your home.

AMCO Smart - smart alarm uk

Recipes is what Texecom Connect (the technology underpinning AMCO’s Smart security system) is the best at, and results in the ability (for example) to:

- Automatically turn lights on when coming home: set a rule that says ‘IF you open your front door AND it’s after 6pm THEN turn the hall light on’ - meaning that instead of fumbling around for the light switch when you get home, a light automatically is turned on for you.

- Automatically turn appliances off when leaving home: set a rule  that says ‘IF the alarm is set THEN the plug with your hair straighteners is automatically turned off’ - meaning you never have to be scared you’ve accidentally left your hair straighteners on again!

With AMCO Smart & Texecom’s Connect app, you have smart security technology at its smartest.

4 key functions of AMCO Smart

AMCO Smart has been designed to give you ultimate control over your security system, meaning that you’ll never forget to set your alarm and giving you all the controls & data you need to personalise security to suit your needs.

- Set / unset

- Activity notifications

- Calendar history

- Recipes / rules (& smart device connectivity)

Set / unset alarm remotely

This is a basic level of functionality, enabling you to set / unset your alarm via your app - so you never need to go back and check whether you’d forgotten to set your alarm.

You can get more sophisticated with set / unset rules too if you like, for example creating ‘geo-fencing’ rules meaning that the alarm always sets if you’ve been outside your house for more than 5 minutes.

Activity notifications

You can set notification rules which mean that you’re kept up to date (either via the app, via text message or via email) as to what’s happening in your home.  For example, you can be alerted from anything like when the alarm is set / unset to when the alarm is activated (i.e. a sensor is set off).

Or get more sophisticated, and notifications only in specific circumstances e.g. only if motion is detected in your home office, or only when your cleaner arrives / leaves.

Texecom connect notifications

Calendar event history

All events are registered in calendar, meaning that you have historic reference of different events / activations in your property.  For example, check when the cleaner arrived / left; checking to see false alarms whilst you’re on holiday; check to see when your children come home at night!


Recipes allows you to connect smart home devices together using rules, creating a personalised security experience to suit your needs.  Using Texecom Connect App, you can create an  endless number of different recipes that can control various parts of your Smart Home infrastructure in whatever way you like.

Setting up recipes is easy, and is a case of creating ‘cause and effect’ rules along the is of ‘IF this THEN that’. As a quick guide, here’s a view of the interface for setting up recipes:

Texecom Connect recipes

And here’s a list of standard / examples rules you want to set up, and the rationale / use for each:

- Welcome home lights: hall light turns on IF you open the front door.

- Intruder lights on alert: automatically turns lights on (inside and outside) IF an intruder is detected

- Away from home night lights on / off: automatically turns on lights inside house at a certain time of the day IF on holiday (to give outsiders a sense that there is someone at home, when you’re on holiday)

- Turn plugs off when out of house: automatically turns off important plug sockets (e.g. your hair straighteners) IF you are outside the house OR alarm is set

- Important room door open notification: sends notifications to you IF movement is detected in important / high security / no go rooms e.g. wine cellar, your home office, your server room, high-value storage room

- Cleaner / home staff activity notifications: sends notifications IF a specific person (selected by you) enters & exits the house (e.g. your cleaner / nanny etc.)

- Geo-fence alarm set: automatically sets your alarm IF you are out of the house AND there’s been no sensor activation for more than 10 minutes

- Late night perimeter alarm set: automatically sets the perimeter sensors of the house IF you’re at home AND it’s after 9pm

Connecting other devices using Smart Plugs

One the cleverest parts of AMCO Smart is the ability to connect Smart Plugs into your security system.  What this means is that you can control specific home devices (e.g. anything that uses a plug socket like a light) via the movement sensors and recipes / rules of your alarm.  For example, setting a rule to turn on your hall light when you arrive home at night.

Texecom smart plug

Smart Plugs are easy to add to your AMCO Smart system, and you can add as many as you like - so it's hugely scaleable.

Full App user guide

If you want to read the full user guide to the Texecom Connect App (which AMCO Smart uses) - taking your through the in-depth functions and user-experience of what the technology can do - click here >>

Speak to our team

To learn how we can customise AMCO Smart for you and create recipes to suit your specific security needs speak to one of our team 0800 13 03 999.

Article references

Credit: written by Dave Stewart

Date: 12/2/18

Publisher: AMCO Security