10 Things You Can Do Now To Secure Your Home and Protect Your Family

Posted: 14th March 2010

1. Make the view to your front door as clear as possible from the road side – this prevents burglars having anywhere to hide or lurk and removes any sense of concealment they may require. 2. Make sure that you don't leave packaging from electrical equipment such as widescreen TV's or laptops outside for your recycling - this tells the burglar that there is something worth stealing inside. 3. Make sure you install proper locks on your doors and windows, and keep them locked when not in use, with the keys properly put away and not in reach of any doors or windows. 4. Never keep a spare key under a mat or a plant pot – these are places that will be checked. 5. Make sure the back garden has high, robust fences or walls – also try growing a prickly bush there as this can not only act as a deterrent, but also, if cut the burglar will leave DNA which can be used to prove their entry to the property. 6. Keep all your tools locked away, these can provide burglars with an easy way of entering the house.  They should be locked away in a shed or garage, not in a green house. 7. Install security lights in the back and front porch – although they can be set off by animals, they are still a deterrent for the opportunistic burglar.  Put them high up, so they cannot be tampered with. 8. Don’t leave any valuables out such as keys, wallets or important bills/papers – these can be a great opportunity for burglars. 9. Write your initials and postcode on your property with an ultraviolet pen – again this can be used to prove the property is yours if stolen. 10. Finally, install a burglar alarm and make sure there is an alarm box visibly from the front.  Going one step further, you could install a monitored alarm and sign up to an alarm monitoring service – this is a great deterrent to burglars as they know the police will be alerted with seconds of a break in.