24/7 Medical Alarm Alert systems for the elderly

Posted: 24th January 2012

It is a fact of life that when we get older we start needing more help and support from the people around us. It’s also a fact that nobody likes losing their independence so it’s best for the elderly if the assistance can be there, but only when they really need it or request it. There are numerous medical alert systems available, where AMCO is different is we can offer 24/7 medical, fire, personal attack and intruder monitoring for one low monthly monitoring cost through a completely integrated system.  Making the AMCO system the perfect alarm system for pensioners and the elderly. What type of system is best for you / your loved ones? We can place wired panic buttons near any locations where accidents are likely to occur such as near staircases. We also offer a wireless system that can be carried in a pocket or worn as a pendant on a neck-chain.  The wireless system is fully compatible with all AMCO wired or wireless alarms and is a minimum of inconvenience in installation, which will usually take less than an hour to install.  We can also add the wireless medical button system to any new installation or any monitoring upgrade. So what happens when activated? In case of activation one of our monitoring team will speak over a loudspeaker placed in the property, and will ask what service is required.  We will then notify ambulances immediately and/or any relatives that have been listed for us to contact.  The microphones we install are very sensitive, so if someone is struggling to speak we will be able to identify what is happening.  Please see the article of how an AMCO alarm saved a gentleman’s life here for an example of the system in practice. To discuss yours or your loved ones requirements, or for further security advice, please call our head office on 0845 833 8823 and ask to speak to a security consultant.