24/7 Warehouse alarm systems from AMCO

Posted: 7th January 2012

The number of warehouses we're providing alarm systems for has been increasing massively over the last few months.  The main reason for this is because companies are starting to question the high cost of 24/7 manned security for warehouses, and so are looking for alternative options. The great thing about the AMCO monitored alarm is that it's a great alternative to 24/7 manned security, as instead of paying for a single person to sit and provide security onsite, our *interactive monitoring* means that we can remotely monitor a site via audio microphones and cameras (if necessary) to give visual cover. Although using AMCO's alarm systems you don't have someone onsite, it's arguably a lot more secure as you're not reliant on one single person, but a remote team of people in our monitoring station who provide a stronger collective security support team. To get a better idea of how our interactive monitored alarm systems work, watch the video below (I realise it's an example of a home alarm, but the principle of our systems listening and talking into a property is the same for warehouse security): For more information on our 24/7 warehouse alarm systems, do look round our website here: www.alarm-monitoring.co.uk/about-monitored-alarms/