A few simple ideas to improve your security

Posted: 9th February 2009

Before looking at simple ways to prevent domestic burglaries it is important to understand a few facts -

1. The average length of time a burglar will spend in premises is between three and five minutes.

2. The average cost for that period is over  £2,000

3. The majority of burglars enter from secluded or  poorly illuminated areas


Fact 1 makes conventional alarm monitoring and “Redcare” virtually ineffective in a domestic environment since the normal police response time is over 10 minutes.


Some simple ways of slowing down burglaries and minimising losses -

  • Lock doors and windows - one in five burglaries occur when they are left unsecured  - Even when home make sure you close all vulnerable windows and doors at night
  • Lock away garden tools and ladders - again  one in five burglaries occur when they are unsecured, making it easier for crooks to enter the property
  • Adequate lighting of vulnerable areas does deter
  • Security locks on all doors and windows does deter and slow down intruders
  • Duplicate door locks of which one should be a mortis or deadlock  does deter and slow down intruders
  • Internal lights on a timer switch do deter when no one is in the house at night
  • Don't leave keys visible - they can be stolen through letterboxes or windows
  • Don't leave high value items visible through windows or lying on tables unsecured - lock them or hide them away from the "smash and grab" merchants.
  • When away for more than a few days cancel routne deliveries & place a box under the letter box to hide build up of mail.
  • External alarm boxes do deter
  • AMCO interactive monitored alarms provide the ultimate detterrent*
  • High profile overt CCTV does deter. Covert CCTV does not prevent but does identify after the event!

* I would say that wouldn't I since that is what we provide?   However, our burglary prevention record does prove my claim!


There are a number of other deterrents that I would like to advise that you use, but sadly mines, mantraps, high powered electric fences, machine gun nests and SAS trained snatch squads are frowned upon by the bureaucrats who write the standards!