A high street shop managers: introduction to Burglar Alarms

Posted: 24th August 2011

Hi, my name is Anthony.  I joined AMCO on the 14th of August, before that I’ve worked as a manager in multiple high street shops around Manchester and Liverpool.  I was aware of alarms and monitored systems but until I came here it seemed a complex subject.   Every company will tell you they have the ‘best burglar alarm.’  Check out the alarm buyers guide, AMCO make it clear what they provide, and at what cost. I was used to regular visits by ‘engineers’ that messed with panels for hours scratching their heads, ridiculous hidden charges and wasting half my day babysitting a so-called expert. I’ve been here just over a week, and already I’m surprised by how easy AMCOs professional development coaches explained their systems from the technical side, and I became suddenly aware that so called ‘security professionals’ were speaking pure gobbledygook to me in my previous roles for years.

Anthony - AMCO alarm trainee

I suffered constant call outs and high costs, when the system the Alarm Monitoring Company have developed leads to intruders genuinely being deterred, fantastic panic alarm procedures and no more false alarms. The company has impressed me.  From a top down approach, every staff member is focussed on target driven results, and reducing costs.  The savings are then passed to customers.  I always believed that paying more meant you got a better product.  Now I know high costs are driven by excessive labour costs, unneccesary equipment, call outs and hidden charges.  This all costs more than investing in the best equipment, well fitted by AMCO. The companies I have dealt with previously waste their own time and pass the cost on to you, the customer. I am proud to say that the training here is exemplary and the customers time, their most valuable asset, is protected. For further business security tips, please see Crimestoppers - Protecting Your Business. Of course, if you need an alarm for your shop or business, then check out the business alarm section of our website.