ADT or Chubb or Secom or AMCO?

Posted: 14th January 2010

So increasingly AMCO (that's us) are picking up business from our competitors - that's mainly the bigger burglar alarm companies like ADT or Chubb or Secom.  It's nice to be in the position as a relatively small company specialising in monitored alarms, to continually beat our bigger competitors.

And the main reason we win - is arguably because we generally offer cheaper and better monitoring than our competitors. The reason we think AMCO monitored alarms are the best, is because we provide special LiveTalk monitoring as standard (rather than "call-back" monitoring), and the reason we're cheaper is because we run a  low-overhead business which means that we can pass on savings to our clients - you!  Simples ; - )

How AMCO monitored alarms work

AMCO’s monitored alarm systems are special as they come with *LiveTalk Monitoring* meaning that our highly trained 24/7 monitoring staff can immediately listen, talk and challenge intruders in your property.

The idea of our monitored alarm systems is that we immediately scare away burglars by talking to them via a 'speaker microphone unit' and call in the emergency services if necessary.


What happens when an AMCO monitored alarm is activated

Burglar breaking in

AMCO listens via microphone

Intruder breaks in and activates AMCO LiveTalk monitoring allowing AMCO to listen into property immediately.

20 seconds after alarm activation.

Burglar is challenged

AMCO challenges via speaker

Intruder is startled by AMCO staff verbally challenging via a speaker in the property.

5 seconds later.

Burglar leaves empty handed

AMCO alerts emergency services

AMCO alerts police. Intruder runs away quickly (empty handed).

10 seconds later.