Alarm monitoring UK - how we've become the best monitored alarm company

Posted: 2nd September 2009

The alarm monitoring company is proud to have built up an impressive customer-base of 1000's of monitored alarms across the UK in the last 15 years, meaning we're now one of the leading alarm monitoring UK companies. The reason for our strength and breadth of customers is based around a core of business security clients, who we've then built up our home monitored burglar alarm business around. Now the Alarm Monitoring Company provides alarm monitoring services to homes and businesses across the UK, serving customers in cities including: London, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Reading, Hull, and Sheffield. When we talk about being the "best monitored alarm company" we say this because we pride ourselves on providing: - low cost alarm monitoring - a superior product to our competitors (e.g. ADT, Chubb, Secom) - the best value service And how can we claim this? Well, just ask any of our 1000's of satisfied customers who've used our alarm monitored services over the last 15 years!