Alarms with Panic Buttons - Home or Shops

Posted: 20th January 2012

How AMCO monitored panic alarms work for shop owners

One thing that AMCO have seen a lot of lately is households and small business owners calling us to put in panic button alarms, not just to prevent burglaries but to put an alarm system in place to deter armed robberies, thuggery, vandalism and threatening behaviour.

Unfortunately, most alarm companies give up on trying to deal with anything other than burglaries and armed robberies, we do not. Traditional raid alarms send a signal to your monitoring company, who in turn call the keyholders and then the police using a 'URN' reference. If the system is installed badly and false alarms, or if you press the panic buttons just a few times, the police will not respond anymore.

The AMCO difference

Our systems come with LiveTalk 24/7 alarm monitoring, meaning that you get"immediate audio response" in the case of an emergency.  Whenever the alarm or panic button is activated we listen in to the property and verify what is happening. If our monitoring team hear anything untoward we will notify the emergency services (Police, Fire or Ambulance) or speak in to frighten off the criminal appropriately. Our system wil give you the peace of mind that someone is taking you seriously. We feel our "immediate audio response" monitoring is much more effective than standard monitoring.

LiveTalk monitoring - unique to AMCO

Watch the following video explaining how AMCO's LiveTalk monitoring works - a system that is particularly effective for small businesses.

Cost Effective panic alarm solution

- Low cost monitoring: our standard monitoring charge is £17.99, with absolutely no hidden charges (unlike some others on the market!). - Low cost installation and call out charges: because we run a highly competitive operation, the installation charges for our security systems tend to be low-cost and offer great value for our customers. We may even be able to add our system to existing alarm parts you may have saving you even more.

To see a demonstration of our system, check out this video explaining the system:

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