Alternatives to Banham alarms in London

Posted: 3rd January 2012

Banham alarms are undoubtedly good burglar alarms, and are a good London-based alarm company, however we'd argue that they're not necessarily as good value or provide as good security as AMCO monitored alarms.  So if you're considering buying a Banham alarm, we'd definitely recommend having a look at AMCO alarms as a great alternative to Banham. The main reason why the Banham burglar alarm isn't as good as the AMCO monitored alarm is because AMCO provide *immediate audio response* with all our alarms.  *Immediate audio response monitoring* means that when an alarm is activated our monitoring staff can immediately listen in and talk into a property, allowing us to check if everything's OK and alert the police or ambulance is there's been a break-in or an emergency. You can find out more about our Immediate audio-response monitoring below in this video, or you can check out more on our website here. Of course there are many competitors to Banham in London, and therefore many alternatives, however of course we'd argue that we're the best - as we're monitored alarm specialists and have engineers across London.