AMCO launch Ultimate Alarm Project

Posted: 7th December 2010

We're pleased to announce the launch of the Ultimate Alarm Project - our hunt for the best burglar alarm system in the world!  Check it out here:

The basic idea of the project is to crowdsource ideas from the best geek / tech brains from across the net of how to mod / pimp up the AMCO monitored alarm to come up with the Ultimate burglar-beating system. To encourage the best ideas, Les Quigley (the founder and Chairman of the Alarm Monitoring Company) is offering to invest up to £1000 to turn the best ideas into reality. The first Ultimate Alarm idea created is the "VuVutech 5000" - designed by the AMCO team as the "most annoying alarm in the world", as it's made of x5 VuVuzellas and x5 airhorns attached to a telephone line - meaning that all 135 decibels of VuVuzella hell can be remotely activated via a remote monitoring station. To add get the chance to add your Ultimate Alarm idea, visit:

VuVuzella burglar alarm 2