AMCO System “Squashes” Thieves

Posted: 17th March 2016

Two men attempted to steal a motor home from Priory Car & Vans, Accrington, on 16th November 2015. Fortunately, the site was monitored by an AMCO system and the police were quickly called and the would be thieves arrested. However, this was not before one of the thieves managed to run over his accomplice in a desperate effort to flee the property.

The CCTV footage shows one of the thieves trying desperately to get the gates of the property open, whilst his friend has hopped over the fence and is looking around the property for the perfect vehicle to nick. At this point, the AMCO alarm system had already been triggered and we were challenging the intruders over a loudspeaker system. This is when things started going downhill for the would be thieves.

Obviously startled by our challenging him through our Speaker/Microphone technology, the “getaway driver” quickly jumped in the nearest motor home and struggled to start the engine. All the while his accomplice is still trying to get the gate open. At this point the police were on their way and the owner of the property had been called and informed about the on-going incident.. Things were not looking good for the thieves!.

Suddenly, the engine of the motor home started and the driver accelerated towards the gate in a desperate attempt to ram it down. Unfortunately, he obviously had not informed his mate about his new plan, so there was no time for his mate to get out of the way before being flattened by both motor home and the gate itself! Seemingly in panic, the thief drove away, leaving his “mate” in the middle of the road with their friendship at an end!.

Luckily the fleeing thief was quickly stopped by the police and arrested, along with his less than happy accomplice. We assume that that drive in the back of the police van, to the police station, must have been a less than friendly affair between the two?

This is yet another gleaming example of the effectiveness of the AMCO integrated alarm & CCTV security system