Another alarm monitoring success in North London!

Posted: 7th April 2010

Last night we're pleased to report our super AMCO monitored alarm systems stopped more unwitting burglars from burgling one of our customers in North London.  Against all odds I have to say!  As in our customers sleep-induced-stuper, when the alarm was activated and we challenged him via the speaker unit in his house, he gave the all clear and said everything was OK (without checking) - even though someone had broken in downstairs. Anyway, our verbal challenge seemed to work - and scared off the would-be burglar.  As the next day, when our customer came down to his kitchen he discovered a broken window, signs of initial entry BUT more importantly signs of immediate and quick exit - as they obviously legged in once they heard our AMCO alarm activated. Job done!  1-0.  1 to AMCO.  0 to the burglar.