Assessing your security - normal monitoring verses AMCO monitoring

Posted: 9th May 2009

Assessing security is easy - it's largely common sense.  All you have to do is put yourself in the criminal's shoes. Pretend to be burglar.  Look at your property through the criminal’s eyes …..

o Is it worth burgling? – Yes! Virtually every property has something that a low life could nick & sell!

o Is it worth semi-professional or even professional burglars risking a break-in? – This depends on the type of property, the area and perceived wealth! Most middle class homes and all business properties are targets.

o Are there any external deterrents such as fences, locked gates, iron bars, alarm boxes, lights, CCTV cameras, guard dogs, guards? – All these items increase the risk of the criminal being caught so act as a deterrent. Risks taken by criminals vary with the likely financial gains to be made. External deterrents should reflect the level of security required to significantly increase the risks perceived by criminals thus making them chose easier targets.

o If burglars decide to risk a break-in, despite appropriate external deterrents, are there internal deterrents to persuade them to leave empty handed? – Some internal deterrents are excellent at persuading criminals to leave empty handed. Other less so. For example, if criminals see alarm boxes outside and still decide to break-in, they will have decided that, even if there are sirens inside and that people have been warned of a break-in, they will still have time to grab what they want. However they leave quickly and empty handed when they are challenged and then told to stay where they are as the police are on the way. It takes a lunatic to carry on grabbing things when he thinks there are policemen waiting outside.

It is this internal deterrent that makes AMCO’s monitoring systems so effective. Interrogating intruders is what frightens them off. Intruders are expecting the conventional noises and possible key holder responses that result from normal monitored alarms. What they are not expecting is to be told over a loud speaker system that the police are on the way – by doing this AMCO systems do stop a crisis becoming a disaster.