Banham alarm comparison

Posted: 4th January 2012

Comparing alarm systems can be quite difficult as in most cases each burglar alarm supplier is supplying different equipment - especially in London where there are so many different alarm suppliers.  That said there are a few things you could look out for in particular. Here's our tips for to making a comparison between a standard Banham alarm (for example) and a AMCO monitored alarm:

  • Type of monitoring: consider what type of monitoring your alarm system comes with.  All AMCO systems come with our *immediate audio response* monitoring, meaning that whenever the alarm is activated our monitoring team can immediately listen-in and talk into the property.  If our monitoring staff can hear a burglary or emergency scenario  taking place, they'll then call the police or the emergency services (e.g. an Ambulance).  Our *immediate audio response* monitoring is much more effective than standard monitoring, and gives you 24/7 response.
  • Length of monitoring contract: check how long you're signing up to your monitoring contract for.  Our standard monitoring contract has a 12 month lock-in (i.e. you sign up to pay your monthly monitoring charge for at least 12 months).
  • Hidden extra costs: often alarm companies hide (or at least don't openly share) additional costs to clients.  These can be hidden telephone charges for each monitoring activation or expensive call out charges.

We hope these three points are useful.  For a better idea of how our AMCO monitored alarms compare with other competitors like Banham, check out our website for more info.