Burglar Alarm Advice

Posted: 3rd February 2012

Here at AMCO, we get a lot of people asking for advice on Burglar Alarm systems, both from existing and new customers. We would like to answer some of the most common questions. How quickly can an intruder be detected With a well-designed system focussed around key vulnerabilities in the house an intruder should be picked up near-instantly. Also if someone gets in through a route that isn't your normal entry route the alarm goes off immediately, there is no delay for entering a pin code. With an AMCO monitored alarm, the system then connects to us and we are able to verify there is an intruder, scare them off, and notify the police and keyholders. This whole process takes less than one minute. Where should I keep valuables? Whilst the AMCO system will scare off intruders in your house, it is impossible to prevent somebody smashing a window and running of with an item of yours. For that reason we recommend not keeping jewellery, laptops, cash or valuables near a window or within easy access should a break in be attempted. How easy are the systems to operate? Unless requested by the customer we always set the alarm systems up so that they are as easy as possible to set and unset. We also, once payment has been received, do not lock any part of the system out, a common practice in the industry to cause customers to require costly engineer visits. Do you have any other home security advice Yes, we do. Advice can be specific to the type of home you live in. We would recommend viewing some police advice on securing your home. Please contact us for any further home security advice on 0845 833 8823