Celebrity burglaries on the rise

Posted: 20th February 2010

There seems to be a rise in celebrity burglaries at the moment.  Every week there seems to be a new celebrity that have had their house or car broken into - with Ashley (and Cheryl) Cole being the latest to have their Surrey home broken into. Luckily the Coles seemed to have a good alarm system - I'd hope a good monitored alarm system - which meant that nothing was stolen. Footballers and pop stars seem to be the most prone to burglaries, largely because it's very well publicised where they are.  For example, on a Saturday afternoon - you'll generally know where the likes of Wayne Rooney and the rest of the Premiership - certainly not at home guarding their houses.   That's why they need such good security. It's an interesting point to learn from footballers, as one thing we should all learn not to do is to publicise when we're away - certainly if we're away for a long time, like on holiday.  In these instances we advise people not to  post blogs / Tweets / social media sites saying "On holiday" - as that's frankly a massive sign-post to burglars to get round to your house!