Chubb alternative comparison - save ���'s by changing to AMCO!

Posted: 24th January 2010

You can save over £600 (over 5 years) by changing your alarm monitoring contract from Chubb to an alternative alarm company - i.e. US! Upgrading to AMCO monitoring will also give you better security, as we provide "interactive" 2-way alarm monitoring rather than "call-back" monitoring.  We will also reduce your minimum contract length.  Read on to check out the comparison between our systems and Chubb! For advice on upgrading your monitoring, contact our team: Call 0845 833 8823 or Email

3 ways you're better off with AMCO monitoring

  • 1/2 price monitoring

    Our monthly monitoring charges are up to 1/2 price of our competitors, saving you £££'s over the years.
  • Better monitoring

    Unlike many of our competitors, we install "interactive monitoring" NOT "call-back monitoring", giving you superior protection, 24/7.
  • No long contracts

    To keep things simple for you, we don't insist on long monitoring contracts. Our minimum contract length is 1 year NOT 3 years. Our notice period is also shorter at 3 months NOT 12 months.

Improve your security with better monitoring

Our upgraded monitoring package gives you improved security as we provide "interactive monitoring" NOT basic "call-back monitoring".  This means that when your alarm is activated we can immediately listen in to your property and respond, rather than making a telephone call into your property.  View the video below to see an example of an alarm activation: [youtube][/youtube] To achieve this improved security requires us to install a speaker/microphone unit in your property, meaning we can immediately listen in and speak / challenge any intruder.

1/2 price monitoring costs with NO long contract

Our monthly monitoring contracts are up to 1/2 the price of existing Chubb contracts - at £11.90 + VAT (£13.69).  We can provide these costs savings as we run a LOW OVERHEAD business, and pass these savings on to our customers.

Minimum length of contract Installation Cost (one-off) Monitoring and monthly remote maintenance
1 year £85 + VAT £11.90 + VAT

*These prices exclude VAT

The only additional cost you need to pay is an installation cost of £85 + VAT (£97.75) for us to install our improved monitoring equipment: a speaker / microphone unit that allows us to immediately respond and speak / frighten off the intruder when your alarm is activated.  Installation is quick and easy and definitely worth it! To speak to our team for advice: Call 0845 833 8823 or Email

Examples of how much you can save - even in the first year!

Even with the cost of installing our advanced monitoring equipment you save money in the first, and even more £££'s in the future years.  It's a no brainer!  Better security and huge savings for you!

Saving in year 1 Saving over 3 years Saving over 5 years
£50 £345 £640

* these prices assume Chubb monitoring costs of £26 a month

To speak to our team for advice on upgrading your monitoring and how you can save money: Call 0845 833 8823 or Email