Posted: 24th April 2014

Has that headline caught your attention? Thought so. Last weekend in a demob happy Friday feeling mood one of our members of staff posted a picture on the internal email system. The aim of the email was to entertain yet offer a cautionary note to us all. As the poster of this email shared with us…..”The devil is in the detail”.

Allow me to explain. The email contained a photograph which was of a traditional pub notice board, the type of which you quite often see outside a hostelry advertising food or upcoming sports events. Why was this one different? Because in big bold letters this sign proclaimed to anyone passing and reading it …FREE BEER. It is only on closer inspection that the full facts emerge. When you get near enough, to read it, the sign actually says…FREEwifi, great BEER. The devil is certainly in the detail!

It is quite possible that you have arrived at our website via one of the popular search engines which are available on the interweb. Have you noticed that if you type in to your search engine the words monitored alarm system or home alarm system or intruder alarm systems in fact most configurations of those words you are usually greeted with a paid for advertisement from a well-known national security company offering a home security system for £99. Too good to be true? Let’s have a look at Beelzebub and his infernal details.

Terms and conditions apply! A £99 installation fee and a minimum 36 month contract of monitoring and maintenance at £24.99 per month. 99 + (24.99 x 36) = 998.64.

Monitoring costs cover key holder response only. They receive a signal to say that your alarm has activated but unless Billy burglar answers the telephone when they ring your premises they cannot tell whether it is a genuine alarm or not. So they ring you at work to tell you that your alarm has activated and it is possible that you are being robbed!

So £99 Home Security System could actually mean:-

 £99 rising to nearly a thousand pounds for a rather ineffective Home Security System.

Take a few minutes to browse through the Alarm Monitoring Company website. Look at how a proper monitored home security system should be. You will be pleasantly surprised.

The devil etc. etc.