Government figures show rise in home burglaries - tips on protecting your home

Posted: 17th July 2009

According to the UK Government's British Crime Survey, break-ins increased by four per cent between July and September last year compared to the previous year, just as the economy went in to meltdown. There were 69,700 burglaries during the third quarter of last year - up four per cent on the same period in 2007. There were also 4,207 robberies involving knives - a rise of 18 per cent - and 43,800 offences of fraud and forgery, up 16 per cent. With unemployment on the increase, especially amongst young people, this is not unexpected news.  Other than buying a monitored alarm from the Alarm Monitoring company (which is obviously the best way to protect you and your home from burglary), here are a couple of additional tips to secure your home: - Make sure your home always appears occupied, even when you're not in.  For example, you could fit automatic timers to some of your lights in your house, or leave the hall lights on when you go out (though this isn't so good for the environment!) - Don't leave windows open when you go out.  This may seem an obvious tip, however the number of people who get burgled because they leave a window open an inch when they're out is extremely high.  Always remember to lock all windows (however small) when leaving the house. - Fit obscured glass, or install shutters, on your front windows, so people can't look into your house.  This is especially important for terraced houses that look directly out on to the street.  If it's easy for a burglar to see into your house, and spot something they'd like to steal. As mentioned, beyond these quick tips on how to increase security around your house, we'd always recommend fitting a monitored alarm, as with our interactive monitored burglar alarms you will always have someone seconds away to be at hand to help you.  See one of demo videos here