Posted: 20th March 2014

What can anyone achieve in four minutes?

Well in May 1954 Roger Bannister managed to run the first sub four minute mile, now sixty years later you can probably travel a hundred yards in four minutes at certain times of the day! This morning I prepared two farm eggs and soldiers within the required time scale, and very nice they were.

Why the fascination with four minutes on a security website? Well in early March this year a hapless miscreant in the Denton area of Manchester managed to enter a bookmakers, commit armed robbery, flee with the money and be arrested by the police armed response unit all within the space of four minutes.

Here is a précis of the actual alarm log from our files.

09:06:22 the panic button is pressed.

09:06: 39 the police are called.

09:09:24 the police armed response team arrive and very quickly arrest the perpetrator and recover the money.

Hearty congratulations to all involved for their speed and professionalism.

Now the felon has many “four minutes” to contemplate the error of his ways. Maybe a bit of music would help. May I suggest “O My God” by the band (who else) The Police! Can you guess how long it is?

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