How AMCO interactive monitored alarms are different (and better!)

Posted: 16th March 2012

We're always looking at new ways to communicate how are different (and amazing!) our monitored alarms are, compared to normal monitored alarms.  The latest way of communicating this we've come up with is this simple diagram, showing what happens when an AMCO alarm is activated. The key difference is that with an AMCO monitored alarm we can immediately listen and talk into the property via a speaker / microphone, once the alarm is activated.  If a intruder is verified, then our monitoring team will quickly call the police. What this means in practice is that in the case of a burglary the burglar runs off, and in the case of a fire we can alert the fire service too. Anyway, we hope this diagram is useful in explaining how our alarm systems work! AMCO alarm diagram For more information on how our alarms work, check out our *how our alarms work* page