How to upgrade / fix your Thorn or Modern alarm system

Posted: 3rd January 2012

Burglar alarms have a shelf-life from a technical perspective, and ultimately break and need fixing.  Increasingly we're being approached by people who live in houses with old Thorn or Modern Alarm systems, who ask us to help fix their old alarm system. Fixing alarm systems - especially really old one's like Thorn or Modern Alarms - is often quite difficult and mostly pointless, when the best thing to do is to replace the key components. In most cases, the best thing to do to fix a Thorn or Modern Alarm system is to replace the central control panel, as this is the bit that tends to go faulty and need fixing.  In general the rest of the alarm system - e.g. the PIRs and sensors - should generally work and be OK, however we would recommend our engineer checking them over to see if they're working. The one good thing to consider in updating your alarm system is that the wiring of your system has already been completed, meaning that if you want your old Thorn alarm or Modern Alarm updating / replacing, our installation engineers won't have to rewire your whole house, which is often the bit that takes the longest. For more information on how to fix / update / change your Thorn or Modern Alarm in a cost-effective way, get in touch with our team who'll be happy to assist ;-) To speak to our team for advice: Call 0845 833 8823 or Email And for more information on our *immediate audio response systems* check out our information webpage here.