How to upgrade to alarm monitoring

Posted: 3rd February 2012

If you've already decided you do want to upgrade to our 24/7 interactive monitoring, but don't know the process, we are here to help! We will just need a few details of what you have already so we can give you an accurate quote for the add on work. If your panel is in working order If your existing alarm is in working condition, that is great news as we can work with most alarm panels and add our interactive monitoring service. To make sure we know what we need to do and that your panel is compatible we just need a few details. Are you happy with the coverage of your existing alarm sensors We will always discuss this in further detail with you whilst we're adding on monitoring, but if you know of any or would like to add extra sensors, please let us know. Alarm systems are all limited in the number of sensors they can have, and we will need to check your existing system has space for more. If the sensors are old and not picking you up when you walk into a room, we will have to replace them with more modern sensors. Where is your panel situated, and what is its model Alarms often comprise of two main components as well as sensors, they have a control panel and a keypad. Sometimes these are combined. Common locations for the keypads are in hallways or cupboards. The panels are often found in under stairs cupboards, airing cupboards, loft spaces or in the case of existing monitored alarms, near phone lines. AMCO recommend fitting of alarm panels in secure locations, somewhere a burglar will not access within 20 seconds. If you have the manual, let us know, otherwise the model will often be written on the keypad or the panel cover. If it is not, if you call our team on 0845 833 8823 with a description of both we may be able to identify the model over the phone. If the panel is not in working order If your panel is not in working order, do not panic but call us. We may be able to rectify the fault on the existing panel, it could be caused by a number of issues, but if you call us with details of what the fault is we may be able to deal with it. If not, we will have to replace the panel, and may have to replace sensors. We can test wiring to see if it is in working order. If it is not, we will also need to do new wiring runs. You can add AMCO monitoring equipment from only £179.99 to your existing alarm system. To check your system is compatible please call us on 0845 833 8823 or visit our online compatibility checker