Intruder Left Empty Handed

Posted: 13th June 2016

A would be thief was given the fright of his life and left empty handed when he broke into a commercial property monitored by AMCO in North East London.

The man in question broke into the establishment around 10.12pm on the evening of the 5th June and sought to ransack the property of all its valuables. Unfortunately, the crook had unknowingly activated an AMCO monitored alarm, and was about to experience the fright of his life.

Upon the alarm being triggered, one of our highly trained monitoring staff was listening in to the property and could hear the criminal searching around in the darkness for valuables. Next, the member of staff challenged the man, demanding he identify himself. It was at this point that the would be thief knew he had bitten of more than he could chew, and vacated the premises faster than you can say AMCO.

The police were called and arrived on site to find the man had indeed left the property in a hurry and they are currently investigating further into the identity of the man using forensic evidence left behind.  The business owner later confirmed that nothing had been taken or damaged and was elated with the service AMCO had provided.