Key Holder Only Systems

Posted: 17th March 2016

Key holder only systems that are simply telling you the alarm has gone off are being offered by most high profile alarm companies in the UK as their standard alarm system. Some companies are even charging up to £26.99 per month for this service, but does the system provide any real security? You are simply paying to be told that your alarm has gone off after the event.

The way the key holder only system works is that when your alarm system is triggered, an alarm monitoring station receives an alert. They will then contact you or your nominated key holders (and usually just with an automated message) to inform you that there has been an activation. It is then your responsibility to return home and secure your property yourself.

With a key holder only system you are paying a company to get in contact with your every time your alarm is activated. You are paying for a notification system, not a security system. You may as well just purchase a DIY auto dialling alarm from your local hardware store and program it to send you an automated message every time your alarm triggers. It won’t provide any real security, but at least this way you are avoiding the ongoing monthly charges without out any change in service.

Now ask yourself these questions:

· Is this key holder only system providing me with real security?
· Do I wish to be called at work, or when I am out socialising, or worst still when I am relaxing on holiday simply to tell me that my alarm has gone off?
· Would I rather have a system that confirms if its a real or false alarm and calls the police and a key holder?

The Alarm Monitoring Company, AMCO, provides real security with immediate live response to all activations. Using our 2-way audio alarm monitoring, we are not only able to listen into the property to detect sounds of intruders, but, over a loudspeaker, we also challenge any intruder who may be on site. Apart from immediately frightening the intruders and deterring them from taking any goods, we can then alert the police and inform the chosen key holder that we have detected an intruder on site.

To summarise, if you would simply like to be told that your alarm has gone off – Get it from your local hardware store. Do not pay high monthly costs to a company to simply notify you every time your alarm triggers – especially with police reported false alarm rates at over 90%! If you would like a monitored alarm system which offers real security 24/7 call 0800 1 303 999.