Learning about fixing alarm errors and fault finding the AMCO way

Posted: 26th August 2011

Hello, My name is Nathan and having now worked for The Alarm Monitoring Company (AMCO) for a couple of weeks I would like to share with you some of my experiences. During my first couple of weeks of working for  AMCO, at AMCO Academy HQ in Yorkshire, I have learnt about various aspects of the business including how to install an alarm system and how to troubleshoot and find faults if an alarm is false alarming. The area that I have most enjoyed has been the process of sorting out an alarm system when they go wrong. Three examples of which being when a customer has forgotten their number for setting / unsetting their alarm, how to troubleshoot a detector not working and if the worst comes to the worst how to reset back to factory settings and reprogram the customers alarm system to work as desired by AMCO.

Burglar alarm engineer trainee at work #1

The fault finding has been carried out on several different makes of panels including Veritas alarm systems (by Texecom) and Galaxy alarm systems (by Honeywell) that can be commonly found in both homes and business properties. Within this, I especially appreciated how easy faults can be detected and solved when the correct procedure is followed. This led me to being quite surprised by how much larger alarm companies charge for fixing faults as alarm systems are very simple, quick and easy to both setup and find errors and faults. I was gladdened to find out that AMCO will always charge a realistic amount for this service and are always happy to assist when needed as they appreciate how important an alarm system is for people. I have found the training facilities at AMCO Academy HQ to be suitable for the need and have enjoyed getting to know both the other trainees and the other members of staff who are all very open and friendly – I would feel very happy to have one of AMCO's employees come to my property to fit either an alarm system or a CCTV system, especially since I know the high level of assistance that would be given if anything went wrong. Finally, of course if you've got a problem with your alarm and its false alarming then talk to our team and we'll see what we can do to fix it ;-) info@alarm-monitoring.co.uk