More AMCO burglar alarm arrests - London and Blackburn

Posted: 20th February 2011

According to recent official 2011 UK crime figures, burglaries are on the increase - that's the bad news.  The good news is that AMCO's monitored alarms seem to be doing their bit to stop crime - and (the best bit) lead to burglar arrests by the Police. On one day alone - 17th February - our immediate audio response systems enabled the police to apprehend 2 sets of burglars, in 2 different parts of the country. In a shop in Blackburn, an armed robber was arrested before he could leave the scene. This was the result of our "Panic response system". Within 2 minutes of the panic button being pressed and our controllers hearing the armed robbery in progress the police were on the job and arrested the perpetrator before he had even left the scene! The second incident took place in a shop near Tower Bridge, London, where a man was arrested for threatening behaviour to staff - proving that our alarms not only stop burglars but also provide reassurance and peace of mind. Obviously, stopping burglars is one thing, however if we can carry on getting burglars arrested and locked up that's even better! For more info on how our unique monitored alarms work, check the monitored alarm information section of our website.