Our 2nd loss in 14 years!

Posted: 23rd February 2009

I am extremely miffed at having to report our second ever loss from a domestic property using the AMCO monitored system.  At 18.26 last Saturday evening two men/youths broke into a small open plan flat in South London. The alarm immediately activated , we challenged them, they did not respond so we called the Police who arrived 12 minutes later. The intruders appear to have left in a hurry when challenged, but unfortunately the lady had left a new laptop and mobile phone on the table in full view.  Sadly these were taken by the intruders. The property backed on to a small nature reserve so it would appear that these two animals escaped into the "bundu". Despite having thousands of clients, this is only the 2nd domestic loss in 14 years of the AMCO interactive monitored alarm system. The previous one was in Leeds in 2004 - a DVD player was grabbed as the burglars made their dash for freedom. In that case it was a large house with large gardens backing on to a playing field. LESSON Our normal response time before challenging is 15 to 20 seconds from alarm activation (depending on what we hear). This normally gives an intruder no time to steal anything. However, if valuable, easily portable objects are left unsecured in easily accessible places, it does give the "smash and grab" thieves time to grab and rob.  Had my advice of 9th February been adhered to it is unlikely that these thieves would have got away with anything! The other security lesson to be learnt from this, and the other burglary, is that where a property backs on to easily accessible open land, it is a good idea to have a fence with at least one strand of barbed wire on top and at least one CCTV camera recording all movements in the threatened area.  This not only serves as a deterrent but also provides the Police with evidence that may lead to an arrest and the return of the stolen property.  The barbed wire will hopefully provide the DNA from the blood they leave behind whilst fleeing from our controllers challenges, whilst the CCTV will provide not so pretty pictures of them!  The cost of this can be far less than one would anticipate and is well outweighed by loss prevention and peace of mind. (NOTE - We currently have a professional quality 2 camera CCTV system on offer with a digital video monitored recorder that will detect all man movements and provide over one months recording on to hard disc.  When connected to a home computer network this can be viewed anywhere in the world even when your home computer is switched off! - Installed price £338 plus VAT (Limited availability) - We will throw in the barbed wire for free!)