Our trainee's first burglar alarm installation (Alarm Academy view)

Posted: 27th September 2011

Over the last month or so, we've had our first recruits graduate through the AMCO Alarm Academy and become fully fledged burglar alarm engineers. The first two graduates were Nathan and Tony - who are part of AMCO's extended manager scheme, and who will spend their first two years with the company on the ground as engineers. We started the AMCO Academy scheme with a fair amount of trepidation, however we knew that it was a necessary thing to do to help us grow our company in a sustainable way, and become an even more awesome security company.  This is especially true, having seen many of our competitors struggle with bad service and bad engineering skills. So it was extremely pleasing to see  Nathan and Tony successfully install their first alarm themselves.  Of course, the installation didn't go 100% smoothly (in fact it took them two days to do - largely due to a faulty panel), however they got it done.  And impressively, faced by technical problems (i.e. the faulty panel) they managed to work their way through the problems stage-by-stage and install the system on their own in the end (see photos below of the two in action!).

Alarm trainee team at work

Tony pir installation

A big congratulations to Nathan and Tony on their successful first burglar alarm installation, and may it be one of many to come.  And also a big congratulations to all involved in the AMCO Academy in proving so successful in producing two very competent alarm engineers after only 4 weeks of training.  We look forward to producing more AMCO engineers for the future!