Police call outs to false alarm rate statistics - UK average vs AMCO average

Posted: 3rd April 2010

We've been doing some analysis of our burglar alarm false alarm statistics in the last week, and we've discovered something really interesting. According to national ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) statistics, the average number of police calls to false alarms is 89% of all alarms.   A huge percentage!  This compares to our (AMCO's) rate of 3.41%! And importantly, in all of our false alarm cases, the main reason for these false alarms was the fact there was someone on site (like a cleaner) who wasn't properly briefed on what to do when they activate the system (i.e. give the correct password). So there you go - if you have one of our Alarm Monitoring Company (AMCO) alarm systems then you'll not only have the best monitored security, you'll also make sure you don't annoy the police. Maybe we should change our company slogan to "The only alarm company policeman love!"