Police Called to Attempted Burglary in Barnet

Posted: 17th March 2016


An attempted burglary of a home in Barnet was cut short when the would-be thief was challenged by an AMCO alarm. The Police arrived on scene 3 minutes later to find the miscreant had fled the scene empty handed.

How would you feel if you received a phone call asking if anyone was meant to be inside your property, whilst you were away on a family holiday 1300 miles away? The word horrified comes to mind. This was the case for one AMCO customer who received the dreaded phone call in the middle of the night.

However, luckily for the customer he had chosen to purchase “Real Security” in the form on an AMCO two-way audio alarm system. This meant that as soon as the alarm was triggered, one of our highly-trained monitoring staff was listening into the property and was ready to call the Police in an instant if they heard anything suspicious.

After having listened into the property and hearing the would-be thief bumbling around in the darkness, we directly challenged him, asking him to identify himself to us. With no positive response from the miscreant the police were immediately called and the customer informed of the situation that was occurring his property.

The police arrived on the scene an exceptional 3 minutes later to find that a break in had indeed occurred, but the crook had bolted empty handed after being spooked by alarm system. Thanks to the brilliant work of the AMCO monitoring staff and remarkable response time of the Police, the customers property and possessions had been saved and he could enjoy the rest of his holiday knowing his home was secure and in safe hands.