Raising The Alarm

Posted: 24th April 2015

The term "Alarm" comes from the action of "raising the alarm". This is the act of warning people to take "immediate remedial action" in the event of a threatened or actual catastrophe.  (For example fire alarms, air raid sirens, burglar alarms!)

 Sadly because of the frequency of false alarms most people ignore burglar alarms sounding - so noisy burglar alarms no longer "raise the alarm" and are therefore ineffective.

 As a result many companies sell systems that telephone the owners when an alarm is activated. (Automatic dialing systems and the infamous ADT £99 system.) These are communication systems that "raise the alarm" to the owner, but then put the owner in the unpleasant situation of being unable to take any immediate remedial action. Before the police will respond, the owner has to have the property checked to see if any damage or loss has been sustained. This allows a burglar plenty of time to steal goods. This makes such systems ineffective. Furthermore, since over 95% of these alarms are false alarms*, they cause needless worry!

 Systems that call the police are better since they "raise the alarm" and can initiate remedial action. Unfortunately most of these systems are standard "call-back" monitored alarm systems that require alarm verification which can take several minutes. Therefore any remedial action is not immediate. This allows time for domestic and small business burglars to steal goods and damage property. Making them very much less than 100% effective. (Out of 14,588 standard monitored alarms responded to in the year to May 2014, the Metropolitan Police report that they only made 16 arrests!)*

 Audio response monitored alarm systems and on site man guarded monitored alarm systems are the only systems that provide "immediate remedial action" and are effective.



* Metropolitan Police Statistics  - Met Police Freedom of Information request:- 2014060002530